Project DD terrible in TVHM

Project DD sucks in TVHM.

Not fast enough to escape when surrounded by Cyclones, not powerful enough to kill the Cyclones first. This is my fifth time taking a character through TVHM, and every time this part is just a chore. Rig gets blown up when I’m supposed to clear Cyclones, and I have to run back to respawn a new one.

The only way I can stop it from getting destroyed is to get out and fight on foot. Why does Ellie act like she’s giving you some badass ride when the game forces it to be garbage? Why couldn’t we get a vehicle capable of finishing the mission it’s for?


It’s a problem with vehicles in general, really.


It’s the BL3 version of repairing the beacon without Angel nagging you.


I try to take out the towers from a distance first then stay close to the cyclones and let Maya take them out. Which… kinda works?

I still haven’t quite figured out the timing on the “Maya Mines”, because in order for Maya to do anything you have to be so close.

But, mostly, I just creep along at a snail’s pace taking crap out as far away as I can. I get hit a lot, then wait in the same spot for a couple minutes so my vehicle health can recharge.

TBH, it would have made more sense for Maya to provide extra shielding instead of blowing mines two inches from the vehicle.

i usually stop, get out, draw fire to me and the lay waste with my corrosive.

that or nick theirs

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Because it’s all about Maya, not you. As long as you drive around and let Maya pick up and throw the mines it’s all pretty easy. The major failing of the main story is that the Vault Hunters are passive participants. Everything that happens does so to serve some agenda for or about another character.

The characters we play are essentially just the bellhop schlepping around after the important people.

Combine that with the fact that vehicles are mainly a collectathon implementation and kind of pointless for anything else (other than the fact that they’re faster than your own feet) and you have your answer on why this happened.

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You can hop the vehicle up on some concrete slabs that are scattered around or just pull the vehicle back and fight on foot, sometimes Maya still helps with mines.

If it’s all about Maya, then my question is “Why isn’t Maya useful?”
I’m not sure what you’re experiencing, the two areas where you need to clear Cyclones before progressing can’t be accomplished by simply being methodical. On Normal mode sure, but not in TVHM. Maya isn’t moving mines fast enough to deal with three or four Cyclones at the same time.

I understand that in the story we aren’t as important, but I’m talking about the actual gameplay mechanics. I have an objective as a player, and the game provides ‘special’ tools that aren’t adequate.

Really the questions were rhetorical. I know exactly why we get vehicles that aren’t good enough to complete the mission they were designated for. The same reason we got a Guardian Rank system with no ability to turn it off originally, even though they should have learned from that about seven years ago when they had to update the Badass Ranks so people could turn them off.


Well… I wasn’t going to go there but since you insist…

I’m experiencing exactly the same content you are. I’ve done it multiple times in TVHM successfully without losing the DD or getting out of it. Streamers do it all the time and there’s also many Let’s Plays on YouTube with people doing it successfully as well. Other people here have given pretty much the same rundown of the encounter as I have so I’m not alone in completing it successfully.

The simple fact of the matter is that other people are having a distinctly different experience to the one you’re having proving that it’s not nearly as impossible as you are suggesting.

The tools are plenty adequate. Hell, I’ve done it on Mayhem 3. It was a big waste of time but I’ve done it.

A word from the wise though, it doesn’t actually matter. It’s faster to get out and do it on foot, a lot faster if you’re playing it at 50 with decent gear. Just do one pass with the DD to shoot the fuel drums under the towers and then hop out for more range and DPS than a vehicle will ever provide.

Yeah, covered all that with this:

People have also soloed the Takedown with The Lob. Just because it can be done with enough patience or repetition doesn’t mean it is adequate. People can one shot raid bosses in BL2. Does that mean the bosses were easy? “Well someone did it in a video…” just isn’t a reasonable response.

I wouldn’t call myself some master of the game, but I can certainly mop TVHM with little effort. I handle M3 pretty well. I don’t even have any worries about Anointed. My ability to survive any other encounter in the game compared to the difficulty of just keeping DD intact is a clear indication that it is objectively more difficult than the rest of the game surrounding it.

Keeping a vehicle that’s required shouldn’t be a chore or annoyance. It shouldn’t feel like an escort mission. Hell, at the very least they should have changed Ellie’s dialogue to reflect that the thing is flimsy and you need to be careful.


I have to admit I don’t think the mission vehicles scale well.
In normal mode they are just fine.
But in TVHM yes I prepare myself to be running to a catch a ride along the way.
My vault hunter vehicles are fine. The mission vehicles need some help with the scaling.

If you’re better off not using the tool that’s provided, then it’s clearly not adequate to the task.

If ya say so bud, have a nice day :slight_smile: .

Well, no.

A potato peeler is an adequate tool even though there’s bench-top machines that will peel them 10 times as fast. Millions of potato peelers still sell every year.

Not being the best option doesn’t inherently imply that it is not an adequate option.

Let’s also not forget we’re only talking about TVHM here, the DD is perfectly capable of getting the job done in not much more time than it takes to get out and do it yourself. It’s not until Mayhem modes it gets to the point of being genuinely inadequate.

They still sell because they adequately perform as a tool - it should be easier to do the job with a tool than without. If your potato peeler potentially crumbles on contact with a potato or two and you find you’re better off peeling potatoes with your fingernails, that’s a DD brand peeler for your analogy.

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lol. What you’re suggesting is that the DD needs to be more powerful than a fully kitted out level 53 player with all the best gear because that’s what can hop out of it. That’s just silly.

Have a nice day.

Vehical HP for both enemies and friendlys have some where around 100% more Armor per Mayhem level… for some reason. This stems ether to an poor analysis of glass vehicals during end game OOOOR a huge bug GBX has yet to address or acknowledge. Back in October player reported vehicals could be killed in seconds by standard weapons due to poor scaling. Rather then tune vehical damage and HP to be more in line with what players experience whole leveling up they choose to give vehicals more HP per Mayhem level so they would last longer against the enemies with inflated HP values. This was a huge error as the problem still exists at max level non Mayhem. The other issue is that both enemies and ally vehicals gain this HP inflation but vehicle gun damage remains the same. This makes killing other vehicals take minutes even with constant pressure when a player not in a vehical can deal with them in seconds. These changes where the result of a hotfix several months ago. Vehical gameplay past level 40 is even worse then BL2s Sandskifs on OP8 and that is saying something. If your not familiar with Sandskifs in BL2 from the Captian starlets DLC basiclly enemies kill you 4 or 6 hits weather then are inside or outside of a vehical.


I’d say the converse suggestion is far sillier - that combatants would travel around in erstwhile war machines that are both less durable than they are and have weaker weaponry.

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Yep, paying 100% attention… Promise… Cross my heart and hope to… I dunno, get athlete’s foot or something…

What’s a vehical?