Prologue disconnect everytime PS4

My Battleborn game disconnects evey time I get to the point you put down the mounted turret and go up to to the switches to open door, I have done this five times now and every time it disconnects and I have to start all over again and watch the cinematic at start.

Anybody else had this problem?

I ended up playing the prologue over 20 times before i managed to make it through on my wifes account.

Thanks for reply, I won’t be playing it 20 times I can tell you

The game has two more chances then I’ll take it back for refund, then the game will be dead to me.

I have now started the prologue twelve times now and it’s disconnected every time before the end of prologue.

I’m taking Battleborn back tomorrow for refund and then Battleborn and Gearbox Games are dead to me.

It may be your Internet connection. If I’m completely wrong, then please put in a support ticket. Sad to hear you’ve left. It’s a great game and community.

My internet is 75mb down 18mb up.

This is only game I have a problem with, after disconnect last night I played Borderlands 2 on PS4 without a fault for two hours.

Then put Battleborn on and got server disconnect after ten minutes.

Looking online a lot of people have had a problem with disconnecting.
I submitted a ticket this morning

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