Prolonging the Inevitable

This is my rant (or essay) on the Free trial of battleborn, as the topic title says, that’s what i think of the Trial at the moment. I’ve played this game since launch and enjoyed it, Here are my reasons:

No Story Missions -

The Free Trial only gives F2P’s competitive mode and operations, operations cost money (20 dollars for all, 5 dollars individually), and if a F2P doesn’t want to cough up money for those, they are stuck with competitive for the rest of days to come. We all have different methods of having fun, some of us don’t like competitive, those players will leave this game quickly and never get to enjoy its full fun factor (Bots Battle might keep them here). Players who are competitive will stay longer.

Rotating Characters -

I’m glad F2P’s will have some diverse of battleborns to chose from, but i don’t think its enough. I’m sure in all the rotations there will be “gun guys” for the shooter players, however, six characters a week? on the rare chance that all six are ones a F2P doesn’t enjoy playing as, they have to wait another whole week for a new batch., i figure the better option would be to just have the default six active or have more unlocked per rotation.

Upgrade Cost -

Even if a F2P wanted to upgrade to the full game, i think 30 dollars is too much, to put it simply:

Full Game Upgrade = $30

Operations = $20

Sixty Whole dollars for the true “Whole Experience”. Twenty would be a reasonable price and i understand the devs need to earn money on the game yet thirty i think its too much. (unless summer sales drop the $30 tag).

Gear -

Without the story, the only way a F2P can earn gear is the “Prologue”, buying gear packs. and forking up twenty dollars for operations. Why would you want to buy gear packs if you need to save up A LOT for that character (or characters) you want?

Veterans and “noob” accounts

This issue I’ve thought about. Us Veterans probably want to know what it feels like to start “fresh”, so we make “noob” accounts, the problem is having a experienced “noob” fighting inexperienced players. I can think of no way of stopping this, i’m doing it as well just to play with my friends who wouldn’t buy the game. Other Veterans might be the same way or just want to massacre the F2P’s.

Achievements -

A small complaint but one worth looking at. For those players who want to earn all the achievements in a game, you can’t earn any in the Free Trial unless you buy the FGU.

Conclusion -

We will get a population boost for maybe two to three weeks, and after that the numbers will drop, i don’t sound optimistic about this trial is because i’m not. I really wish it will keep players for months but it’s not going to unless this game gets a huge addition of content, maybe the supercharge game mode will help (comes out June 22nd) in spite of all that, i have little hope.

(Open to debate)


I don’t care, I love the game since CTT. More player can play it? Koodos.

The new Novice Intro sounds good. At this point, anything to make people discover AND keep playing.


Not sure where you got those numbers, but a screen shot from the Steam store showed the upgrade as $30 “including all DLC”. If correct, that would imply that the story ops are included in the one upgrade. And that makes sense since the only other DLC would be the five additional Battelborn, which are now free to anyone owning the full game.


Why not be optimistic? I’ve already had friends who stopped playing at release tell me they will pick it up now.

The PvP is FREE and most of the paid content can be bought in 5$ increments or over a few weeks of FREE gameplay/challenges.

I don’t see anything bad on the horizon. Just more flair.


I see everything in logic (like Vulcans). its a bad trait of mine but has proved to be true most of the time. (i wish i was optimistic).

Untill Gearbox stops locking away the Incursion mode behind some fake wall that only people that pay for the game can easily access, then it’s not going to take off.

Your logic can be flawless as long as your data is accurate and complete, and your assumptions valid. There is considerably difficulty with both points when trying to figure out what people will do in a given situation. If you want to be optimistic, maybe try changing your assumptions?

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Defeatism has a way of disguising itself as logic in my experience. You can’t gauge public opinion in a logical way though because humans are themselves irrational.


i know, i’m irrational myself

Well, imo this is exactly what most F2P-players want: PvP. Most are competitive too.
Battleborns Story Misions are exquisite and I had 99% of my playtime in them, but sadly for most who picked up the game, PvE was neglegted often even demeaned and dismissed. (Just read through some topic-titles arround summer last year, there´s alot PvE-hate)

So, I think the typical PvP-oriented F2P-gamer will be okay with it.

At any rate I´ll recommend and suggest to try Story Missions to new players, but I already did that over the last year^^

To be honest: As someone who payed full price too, this is very fair. Since we “Founders” had no unlimited PvP-Trial. We only had the Beta, maybe the CTT, then we had to decide to pay or not.
Some waited and were lucky to pick it up very cheap - And that still counts for those who join the Trial-Version:

They can play a week and then buy BB for 4€ or 16€ (depending on Console of course) instead of upgrading for 30€.
(Could be wrong with that, but I think it´s a viable option.)

That the Operations stay same price (upgrade or not) is the only solution to be fair towards SP-owners. At least all other models I can imagine would induce heavy rage among SP- and DDE-owners.
Many SP-owners feared DLC-content might be given away for free if BB goes F2P.

This already happens in the regular game between the 3 consoles, but rather rarely in a mean, aggressive or trolly way as far as I know.
Many veterans here and those who long for true ranked competitive won´t enjoy preying on the weak - they already are tired of steamrolling due to non-ELO-MM.

Sure, this can happen, and ■■■■■■■■ simply are part of our world.

In regards of this we can just try to be better than that, not create a noob-account and maybe report aggressive noob-accounts.

Nothing wrong with that.
I partly understand your standpoint very good, but then I turn arround and look upon a game that was proclaimed “dead” 2 days after launch already. And here we are with a juicy update and a chance to grow.

Sad but true… Logic is a great tool, but not all tools work in all situations. In reality often the most logic solutions are dismissed by the masses, due to comfort, ignorance or simply some other X-factor. Thats why politics are a nightmare if you try to apply logic.

Wow, wall of text…sorry^^’


The title of this topic might as well be “I don’t like anything gear box does so I’m going to nitpick every little thing even if it is objectively better for the community as a whole.”


Personally, the only time I have trouble getting people to play it anyways is if they’re Overwatch overlords. One of my friends doesn’t even like shooters and she plays it with me now and then because of the characters and humor. As long as they can see that well enough, I think it should be fine.

Plus, let’s be honest. People seem to be obsessed with PVP nowadays. That’s the best way to pull them in. It would be impossible to get a perfect intro without just handing out the whole game for free and that one would be MUCH more likely to work than the story mode, as much as I hate to say it.