Promethea Special Bot?

I’ve been looking all over the place trying to find any hint of something in game that I came across, but can’t find it anywhere.

So, to start, i was on Promethea doing the Burger Vot quest, and when I got to the end area where you defeat a bunch of Maliwan troops and bots, I happen to notice one of the boys was golden, and wasn’t attacking me. It just ran around like burger bot, and I could shoot it. I almost had it killed, when it suddenly drilled into the ground and dissapeared. Anyone know what this thing is?

Also, when it dissapeared, it generated a bunch of money stacks and had an animation similar to that of a legendary weapon appearing.

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That’s just the Maliwan equivalent of loot tink. If I’m not wrong it only drop cash

You probably mean AMBER LAMPS (yup, all upper-case letters). It’s basically like a loot tink or thieving Jabber but because it’s based on Security Bots it’s pretty rare to see, after all you only really find those in like 2 areas of the game. It drops cash when being shot at and losing limbs and will drop some loot if you kill it.

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I’ve run into that a few times going through Meridian Metroplex. Usually the first I actually notice it is when I spy a pool of money. You’d think I’d clue in to the flashing lights and siren, but I’m usually too busy trying not to die.

OMG I’ve totally never seen that.

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I’ve only found AMBER LAMP in Lectra Ctiy, usually by Wick and Warty area. Was hard to kill and got away most of the time. Never dropped anything good, just cash and maybe a few items, purple or lower.

Seems to interact with the Quasar grenade in an odd fashion. Flung him across the map, on top of some buildings. Never saw it again that session, but found piles of cash here and there.