Promethia Fast Travel Glitch

I’m not exactly sure what happened to my game but I no longer have access to Promethia. I have beat the game and done all of the DLCs but, when I logged on today I was unable to Fast Travel to or access anything in Promethia except for the Meridian Outskirts by using the drop pod. I have tried joining multiplayer and traveling to areas I don’t have access to but when I go back to my game it just drops me in the Outskirts. I have also tried manually moving to another area using the World Travels, however, the prompt to move between areas just does not exist. I feel like I am being blocked from content as a majority of the game takes place in this area.

Do the Fast Travels activate when you enter the areas where they are located on those maps after traveling by foot through the Map Transitions? That would be a tip-off right there. If the fast travels activate after you pass them and you then use them to travel back to Sanctuary or the Drop Pod, they should stay.

To really test it you would have to hoof it to each fast travel on each map again to activate them and see if you can repopulate the list.

I already tried that, it just doesnt give me the prompt move to the next area