Promoting a game you don’t support

The standalone should be made free if it’s going to be Promoted on the front page claiming it’s the first part of the wonderlands story?

Wonderlands Is going to be running on BL3 engine so expect tons of Multiplayer issues. with any bugs from Bl3 most likely transfer over to this spin off

Last off the standalone has NOT YET received any updates/Hotfixs to even acknowledge that nothing scales to max level beside the raid boss. How dare they charge money for that and try to build up hype for a game we have seen little to no gameplay with such a pathetic experience.

Image of me playing TVHM lv 35 on the first map of the DLC.l and the boss is lv 16

I’m so glad I forced myself to download Epics brain dead launcher to get the game for FREE instead of spending any more on this and supporting this filth.

Side note: Any character that starts tvhm at lvl35 (by being boosted by a friend or in splitscreen) will have the seraph and regular vendors scale to 35 in flamerock refuge. The raid will then be 38 with 35 gear dropping and in the red raid chests. Plus the enemies in murderlin slaughter will also be 35, dropping 35 gear

I’ve never once seen a lvl 16 enemy in TVHM, I’m pretty sure even if you come to this DLC asap in NVHM the enemies are higher lvl than 16

@VaultHunter101 you’re the expert on map lvls, any idea what’s going on with this?

The lowest quest level in TVHM in the regular game is 31, so I would expect the lowest enemy to be level 30. But the OP is playing the stand-alone version of DLC4. It’s possible that - for whatever reason - has it’s own scaling, It’s weird though, because even in NVHM in the full game, the lowest level for DLC4 is 30 - only the first DLC actually starts below the NVHM cap.

Oh i had no idea what they meant by standalone game. Reading the 1st part of the post made me think it was a different game they were talking about.

I guess disregard my original post OP and instead take my advice of playing the actual game that doesn’t have these scaling issues