Promt Crit sticky mode underated?

Hey guys,

I saw a few Fustercluck clips on YouTube and K6 and Moxsy said that with this gun we should rather use the impact and not the sticky. I was really confused, because I had one good drop of the gun before I watched the videos and I had the feeling that the impact mode does way less damage.

No skill points, no gear what buffs the gun and no mayhem level active:
Picture 1 is the impact mode. 216k damage

Picture 2is sticky mode. 43k + 3x29k = 130K damage

Picture 3is sticky mode reload explosion. 3x70k + 3x52k = 366K damage

130k + 366k = 496k

Not only the damage is more than doubled the sticky mode shoots way faster AND I believe that the stickys can proc mind sweeper! Not the reload explosion but the 3 29k procs in picture 2.

What do you guys think? I just played a bit with the gun and have the feeling that sticky mode is much much more effective than impact mode.

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I seen it mentioned that the sticky mode was bugged and not giving bonus damage. But this seems to be working properly to me lol

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Sticky mode for mobs and impact mode for single targets is how I roll with the Prompt.