Proposal for map voting change

I was just thinking that maybe rather than show who has voted for which map, just mark off when a person has voted without showing which map they voted for. I propose this change because maybe then maps like Echelon and Coldsnap will get more play. Right now if 2 or 3 people really quickly vote for a map, it discourages others from voting for the other map I think.

Anyway, just an idea, it may not be a good one or I may be wrong.


I think OP makes a good point. I like Echelon but I always choose Overgrowth if everyone else does. Peer pressure. It’s real, people.

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I run the other direction. I almost always vote for whatever the first vote didn’t unless I want to play a specific map.

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Or they could just pick the map we play on randomly for us. There are only 2 maps, there should be no reason why one is one is so overwhelmingly more popular than the other.

I feel like it would end up like pve where people leave when they dont get the map they wanted.

What about replacing the undecided vote with “Random”? That way, popular maps like Overgrowth and Paradise can still be forced if the majority of players want that map; but otherwise, it’s a random pick.


I thought the undecided votes were random.

As far as I can tell they just don’t count at all. If you have 1 person vote for Overgrowth, 2 vote for Echelon, and the other 7 vote for no preference, Echelon wins since it has the most votes. If everyone voted no preference or there was a tie in “actual” votes seems to be the only time it goes random.