Proposal for Mozes Action Skill

During the normal playthrough I found her action skill quite useful. Its still useful also in TVHM and the first mayhem mode.

The problem is when you start to climb higher. When you play on Mayhem 3 Iron Bear starts to become useless. I cannot even kill one hardened tink with it. Let alone tank it for more than 3 seconds. Only making a little dent which is a fraction of what my guns can do. This feels wrong.

Possible solution:
Scale the damage output and iron bear’s health along the Mayhem levels. So that iron bear is as useful on mayhem 3 as it’s on mayhem 1.

I recently played with an online Amara. She could kill alone a hardened mob in her phaselock in seconds. This is how it should be also for Moze. And please no, Gearbox, dont nerf Amara!

Same goes for the other chars. Take Zane. He also manages to kill one hardened enemy on M3 with his action skill.

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the problem of iron bear not using any of mozes equipment and not being able to scale properly, was obvious, months before launch
the only proper way to use IB is to use “auto bear” and in the best cast also “rocketeer”
he is like a deathtrap but also with you inside so you are basically not doing any damage while the skills lasts
the whole design of this skill is kinda bad because it just doesnt motivate you to use your guns or anything else while sitting in IB
the effect of rocketeer should be the default

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