Proposal for MP Game Type: Relic Hunter

What do you guys think of this as a proposal for a MP game type:

Relic Hunter mode:

It uses the relics that are already incorporated in the remaster. However, the twist will be that in addition to resources, the holding of a relic causes you to gain tickets / other arbitrary points.
The win condition should be first person to reach x points.

What i think this gametype will do is encourage more skirmishes to occur as well as encourage the use of more mobile fleets to go and capture additional relics. The standard kill mothership win conditions ends up being a rush to cap ships. I like the idea of having to manage perhaps multiple carriers with squadrons to jump and capture relics while leaving cap ships to engage more concentrated enemy forces.

Thoughts? Also would love any dev input as well.


I think this is an excellent idea!

A “King-Of-The-Hill” gamemode, so to say, is something
I’ve always wanted in Homeworld. If they manage
to implement this then I will be happy.

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The best part is that they already included the relic mechanic into the game so it would not require much in the way of additional tweaking.

I was thinking perhaps to always three relics on screen at any given time with them moving locations every 5 mins. That way, each player has one they can focus on and the third can be fought over.