Proposed Alani tweak

Alright, so I realized tonight the reason Alani is kinda strong is the fact her burst heal (notice i say burst heal specifically) is a secondary instead of a skill. Not only that she can heal herself with this burst heal rather easily, the other supports are forced to use their skills or take special helix options to heal themselves. I know osmosis stacking is supposed to slow her healing down but i don’t quite see that. She is essentially a support that can travel around Solo, while the other supports to be effective need an ally nearby. My proposition is to make her more like Reyna. Get rid of the self heal, and whenever an Alani uses her secondary on an ally she gets 50 percent of the healing done to herself. This nerfs her self sustain in a solo situation and makes it so shd cant 1v1 an attacker type but now she has more presence for her allies in a team fight, encouraging her to heal allies instead of selfishly heal herself, which I have seen done.

Exactly what I thought I proposed making the self-heal similar to Miko’s: A helix choice where you can choose say either the reduced cooldown on hit or to heal yourself (for say 30% I still think 50% is a bit much but just my opinion) when you heal an ally (just remove the 20% extra attack speed that rarely gets chosen haha). Alani is exactly like you said unique in that she is the only support that can be fully effective solo all the others need to use abilities on an ally etc. to work to their max potential.

the difference is they dont have to fight at all to be affective as she does…She has to self sustain to be effective…Because she has to fight in the front lines as a slow movement character. She needs her dps so people dont laugh at her when she splashes them then proceed to slap you around because her cc is aboidable easily and her wave is only going to splash you and hit for a tick unless you willingly stand in it or are ccd. The only nerf that makes sens to me is lowering her base health…

i agree she needs a rework, but i have an entirely different set of ideas.

-reduce the attack speed increase from 20 pct to 10. no character that is not an assassin should be able to attack 20 pct faster. galilea still has no business having a 35 pct attack speed increase. alani’s attack speed is where all the problems with her cooldowns starts, and where osmosis becomes spam rather than skill.

-the stun needs to be a knock up only with perhaps a stun mutation somewhere around level 9.

-reduce the width of the wave, as well as how far it travels.

-reduce osmosis stacking speed 50 pct.

-reduce dmg of all skills and primary attack by 10 pct.