Proposed benedict changes

Why change benny?
He’s strong and I think most would agree he’s a little too strong right now.

How do you plan on balancing him without nerfing him into the ground?
Hawkeye, Hawkeye and Hawkeye.
Oh and give him more buffs and some CC.

More text justifying why he needs to be changed (Skip down for actual changes)

As of right now benedict can select one enemy to die every 15s with a barrage of super powered homing rockets.
Throw on some attackspeed gear and you can even get 5 of them, add some attack damage gear and grab that nice +20% boost and you can hit 400dmg a rocket easily.

Now if you think a barrage of ultra homing death fired from a high flying battle pidgin is balanced then I’m not sure what can convince you.


Hawkeye mechanic change:
When activating hawkeye benedict activates a marking laser, when hawkeye animation finishes and fires the hawkeye rocket the closest enemy to the laser(or the one that has a red dot of death on it) is the enemy hawkeye homes in on.

  • Hawkeye no longer causes all rockets to home in on marked targets, instead hawkeye itself homes in.

  • Hawkeye gets a major damage buff: 250-300dmg lvl1?

  • Level 1 ® “Persistent Projectiles”: changed into either a medium slow (4s) or wound (6s).

  • Level 4 ® “A Murder of Rockets”: Plus 2 Rockets minus 33% damage per rocket (Remember the hawkeye damage buff)

  • Level 6 ® “Heavy Bombardment”: Hawkeye now marks targets and applies a 15% damage amp for 6s.

  • Level 10 ® “Rockets Launchin’ Rockets”: Now automatically fires one rocket every second the ultimate is active.(May actually be worth using for once)

These changes would get rid of the homing death button while still letting him hit hard with proper aim and clean up fleeing targets.

Closing notes: Most of the benny threads I’ve seen are either “Nerf him til his rockets only tickle” or “He’s not OP just hit him with this perfectly timed multi-character CC chain that will kill half the cast…” I figured it might be nice to take a different approach to balance and see what you all think about it.

TDLR: Benny OP plz buff.

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You get to live with this now… forever. Thanks for helping me memorize what an oxymoron is for this exam I’m about to take. :acmaffirmative:


Or, and hear me out with this, you could simply revert him back to day one status. Problem solved.


So you’d rather have infinite rocket spam with the reload clipping that rewards chokepoint spam rather than actually aiming with a limited clip?

He may have done less damage per rocket back then but there was no end to the rockets.

I would have him with less damage, less health and a 2 second base duration on Hawkeye over the ■■■■■■■■ that is him right now. He was balanced at released. His ability to spam rockets really wasn’t that much of an issue because he went down easily if he was just firing at a choke point.

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I get what you’re going for, but that may be too drastic. We have enoigh Benny fans where reworking him completely is risky, and they’ve never reworked an entire skill as you propose. It could happen, but Gearbox would have to sell it like… they didn’t manage to with Battleborn

Reverting to day one just makes him into a flying ernest.

I think the better solution would be to fix the homing rockets and then nerf him in small increments until he is more balanced.

I don’t want to see him nerfed onto the sidelines.

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He would still play almost the same, instead of leading with hawkeye for a kill from full health he’d have to lower the target first then finish with hawkeye.

He’d still hit hard just not guaranteed homing damage that you can’t doge in the open and hits you around corners hard.

An Ernest with a larger hit box, Orendi’s health, much lower DPS, as well as no territorial advantages for the team.

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As much as I may know that, this is the internet. People are people. ON THE INTERNET. I maintain that it’s risky and that you can never underestimate people ON THE INTERNET

But the only other options are nerfnerfnerf or leave him alone.(they could buff but I don’t think that’d go well)

I’d rather see a partial rework rather than have him either completely dominate or be nerfed into obsolescence.

Believe me, I understand, but I doubt others capacity to do so

Day one Benedict took tons of skill to play. When played right, he dominated. He was a very high risk/high reward character and only the players who took the time to learn him and his kit succeeded greatly. I myself was one of these players and with the current state he’s in and my past Benedict experience, I can go 15-0, if not higher, almost every game. I’m sure I’m not the only one like this. Reverting him back to day one status is the way to go.


I agree with @epicender584, I think this would be too drastic. Also I feel it would take out some of the creativity behind the character. I would just be happy with a damage decrease. If not on all rockets, at least the homing rockets.

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(FlamesForAll recently (like a week ago) asked me if Hawkeye did exactly as prescribed in the OP (because he had forgotten, his idea simply aligned with OP) and I kinda laughed because it was juuuuuust a tad off)

The problem with just decreasing damage though is people will continue to cry nerf due to the homing damage until he has no damage left.
I love the burst damage he has but feel hawkeye pushing it a little too far right now.

Would a damage reduction on homing rockets really be enough?
With a 50% damage reduction on all homing rockets at level 10 you are still looking at over a 1000 homing damage on a damage build.

If they go the route of damage nerf how much would be enough and how much is too much?

That’s exactly what I came here to say.

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I got it. Works like Whiskey’s triple nades. The reason Whiskey’s triple nades work, is because all three nades deal more total damage if you hit all three. Make that 44% or something that requires all three rockets to hit in order to deal extra damage.

Makes the helix actually worth something, because the rockets fire too quickly to actually aim. And even if those triple rockets home in, it’s just not worth it if they just barely deal the same damage as one of them.


Don’t all of the grenades have normal damage?

Nope. They deal less damage than the base grenade seperately, I think at level 4 they deal 115 each, instead of the normal 250.

Not exact numbers, because the scaling is weird, but no each nade deals around half damage I believe. I’ll check the exact numbers later and update you on that, but I KNOW each individual nade deals less.

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