Proposed change to how gear is activated

I did not see any topics on this, and if this has been discussed I apologize.

One thing that has bugged me since the start of BB is how gear was implemented. More specifically, how gear is activated. I really enjoy the gear itself, the amounts pieces buff players, etc, but activation seems off. With the higher cost of legendaries, many are made obsolete and this should not be the case. 75% of an incursion/meltdown can pass before you can get a legendary on.

What if all of your gear was activated at the start of a match?

I bet you are now asking yourself, well then everyone would just instantly enable 3 legendaries? Well they would not be able to. What if your loadout had a set number of points that it could hold and different gear had different point values. For example:

Loadout: 10 points available to fill.

Legendaries: 5 points (maybe 6 to not allow 2?)
Epic: 4 points
Rare: 3 points
Uncommon: 2 points
Common: 1 point
Free commons: 0 points

Theoretically you could have 2 legendaries and have 0 points remaining and HAVE to use a free common. Or maybe you use 2 epics and an uncommon? Point values are obviously subject to change. Maybe having much larger “points” values could lead to more complex loadouts (for example you have ranges on gear as uncommon gear could range from 300-600 activation, so could have a range of point value)

What this solves: This erases the activation caused uselessness of a lot of gear. This allows players to use shards for map defenses as opposed to gear leading to more team play and less selfish players eating all shards to activate their 3 legendaries while their teamates hold objectives. Buildables would become a much larger part of maps at this point as well.

Again, apologies if this idea has been proposed. Thoughts?

A good concept, but I like the current balancing act.

You can spend shards on gear to improve yourself, or spend shards on buildables to help the team and give you some XP.

Pre-activating all the gear would make shards only for buildables. Unless something new popped up.

Fine as is. The entire shard economy is balanced around gear cost. You have the choice to use shards for gear or other things. If they took away the shard cost of gear, they’d have to remove most of the shards from maps.

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I like the idea of making shards more rare and less distracting from objectives, so I would support lowering shards found on map.

But then there’s no choice. No decision-making. No trying to balance between getting your character level up and getting gear activated. It would weaken the game overall, IMO.

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I think a “better” idea would be to go with temp buff activated item. Items you could choose to spend xxx shards on at any given time to get the effects for a few seconds, then it would go on cooldown and you would need to pay the same price again once it’s off cooldown to get the effects again.

Most basic use would be a kind of anti-cc item that would immediately break any CC you’re presently afflicted with. Upgraded/more costy versions could add a immune to CC effects for a couple seconds. This is classic in WoW, Smite, etc, and would be way more useful than the present -%CC duration useless gear in the game.

It’s interesting because it adds yet another tactical layer to the game regarding shards - activate permanent gear ? Build turrets ? Save to be able to break a CC when it’s most needed ? And it also helps with control since controls are REALLY powerful in Battleborn right now.

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Gear is balenced by how many shards it costs weak green going to be cheaper than strong green gear yet with this system they would cost the same amount of points.
Takes away from the whole gain xp level up to become stronger if at level 1 you have 2 legendary and all gear active also level 1 you have a hard time pushing back to finsh kills because of turrents(this is good) with all gear active turrents would be so much of a problem early game.
Takes away from shards people wouldnt need to farm shards as much and it would just go towards building which is good for team play but bad for freedom and strategy.
Takes away from freedom and strategy, the freedom to run 3 legendary if you want or 3 whites if you want also means all shards go to building where as now you can choose do i run 3 legendary to be a beast late game but not help the team out with building or do i run low cost gear become strong early and help with building.

I also like the way it is now. Not that you don’t have a good idea. I do think people need to be less greedy.

I think it’s fine as it is.

I love this idea! In the games current state its kind of unpractical to have more than 1 legendary. Ever since they decreased the amount of shards AND decreased the value they give. You have my +1