Proposed money sink for late game

I would like to propose a way to make money and eridium useful late game while also providing some spice and a similar function for most gear focused games.

How about adding a workbench or maybe a shopkeeper you can take your weapons to and reroll parts (stats). You can add cosmetic changes like sights and overall looks as well. The idea is similar to diablo 3 with a particular vendor being the sole provider of this service. The reroll could be based off swapping a part of the gun for better stats or buffs.

The reroll could cost $250k+, and the cosmetic changes could cost 250+ eridium. If need be rerolls could be limited to one per gun. Cosmetics could be limited by manufacturer. Can’t change a Torgue to a Maliwan, etc…


No thanks.


Seems like almost everyone is suggesting a reroll stats or workstation addition to the game. It’s not going to happen. Gearbox have stated that they want to keep it as a looter shooter, not for players to spend all their time crafting/rerolling to get the best loot. The grinder in TPS in a great example, as most players spent huge amounts of time at the grinder, instead of farming for loot, and it was less fun.
If you want a game with a crafting system, many RPGs have that feature, but I understand keeping it out of a game that is 100% about looting.


Division is a looter shooter and you can reroll items. Diablo is a dungeon crawl looter and you can reroll.
Where have they stated an item reroll option won’t happen? It’s an option to have and it doesn’t force anyone to farm eridium or cash exclusively. It’s an alternative to give currency more use while still farming for drops and maybe upgrade or min/max a couple favorite weapons.

I’m all for it

Edit: but yes I agree this has been suggested a million times.


Better idea, keep it purely cosmetic and cost an arm and a leg. Like super awesome cosmetics for like 2K eridium and 99mill or something.

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I’d be ok with that too

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Says you.

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Add more weapon sdu’s, especially for Rpg.

Open that up after beating end boss. Charge an obscene amount.

You’ll have the added bonus of actually having to purchase ammo, which with the upgrades would also cost a good chunk of cash.

For Eridium, have the ability to re-roll anointment’s on weapons from Earl. No doubt we will have to pay some for the raid bosses that are to come. Charge more this time.


If you want that people farm instead spending hours to rerolling and crafting, move your freaking ass to change this ridicolous world drop (who is the idiot that thought this could be fun???) and put dedicated loot as how it should have been from the beginning.

You want to keep world drop? Put a crafting station to give sense to the ■■■■ tons of crap legendaries that are totally useless.

You want ppl enjoy your game looting? move your ass, work day and night on this, this is the core of the game, not a minor problem. THIS IS THE PROBLEM.