Proposing alternative Mikos

I’ve been thinking a while about how Miko can be made more interesting as a character gameplay-wise, to make him more versatile and spice up some helixes he has. I got a few thoughts and I’d love to hear what you think of them and what you think could benefit Miko.

Before I get into it, I’d just like to point out however that I already love Miko’s current playstyle and I’ve said before that I think he’s one of the most well-balanced characters in the game, just slightly lacking in survivability. That said, the changes I’m proposing are primarily to allow different playstyles through helix choices which also explains why I’m not going to mention any values outside of helixes such as base health, damage etc. The changes will inevitably be buffing him, but I don’t think they’ll put him out of place and become an overpowered character.

When I’ve been thinking about this, my starting point have been his classifications; Combat and Healer. Miko may very well be the best healer, but he’s also the least combat-centric healer in the game. The “Combat” classification is more of a placeholder than anything else. And while I realise the classifications are not always accurate, I think they’re still a solid point to start from.

If Miko is ever to become more of a combat oriented healer, his AoE healing through Regenerative Aura needs to be brought up to be more of a carrying heal rather than an assisting heal in addition to actual damage increases. I don’t have anything specific here though like the others, for this I believe it’s primarily about buffing certain parts of his kit rather than helix/skill changes. I wanted to address this beforehand as my ideas have all been to virtually swap Combat with other classifications.

I will only list helixes which I deem would be changed effect-wise within that specific classification. They’re not many changes in any sense of the word, just one or two for the most part but should help putting Miko into a better position.

The three classifications I have in mind to replace Combat are Agile, Cleanser and Rescuer.

The changes are primarily from a PvP perspective, but works in PvE as well (Cleanser admittedly not as well as the others). The PvE aspect is the primary reason I never touched Swift Draw or Bladeslinger)


This feels like somewhat of a natural step. I’ve wanted to have an agile healer and think that Miko would fit it quite well. His small health pool combined with his big, open crit spot means he needs to constantly move in open areas to not take too much damage. The only healer now who’s got a helix which is otherwise granted to agile characters is Kid Ultra, where Retro Rockets allows him to propel himself backward. Giving Miko a similar ability would allow him to use certain maps to his advantage, granting him escape routes and shortcuts which are currently inaccessible to him in addition to helping him staying alive longer as he’ll be harder to pin down.

Level 1 - First Responder
  • Biosynthesis now also increases Miko’s movement speed. +20%

This is straight forward. The main problem with First Responder now is that you need to be healing someone in addition to Biosynthesis being active. Removing that requirement would make the helix a lot more useful as it’ll help Miko be quicker and more responsive to the changes on the battlefield, be that to escape, rescue someone or taking an alternative route to your destination. After all, movement when healing someone is not necessarily a problem on its own as few characters outrun Miko. Also, added the additional 5% to slightly bump it up to make it slightly more viable but also more competitive with Breathe Deep.

Level 7 - Fight of Flight

For this I haven’t settled for what I believe to be best replacement as there are multiple acceptable alternatives. It could either be;

  • Increases the height of Miko’s jump. (Like Thorn’s or Pendles’)

  • Miko’s melee attack now propels him backwards. Can be used once every 3 seconds. (Like Mellka’s, Thorn’s)

  • Allows Miko to double-jump.

Giving Miko one of these abilities is, as mentioned above, to allow Miko to use the maps to his advantage and more easily manoeuvre enemies. The weakest option of these would be the backwards propulsion since it forces him to turn away his focus from the target he is healing unlike the other two options whereas the strongest one is arguably double-jump since it has an indefinite use and allows him to be unpredictable and stay on a target he is focusing on. Personally, I think double jump would benefit him the most due to those reasons which would grant a smoother experience as Miko as you do not need the increased height all the time which could potentially also make it more difficult to remain on target. But then again, it may be too powerful with a double jump as well, meaning that the other two options are better for balancing purposes.


This is may be the biggest outlier and the hardest one to come up with concrete suggestions for (or the values rather) as it currently doesn’t exist in the game. As of now, I can only think of Beatrix and Reyna having cleansing abilities. This I believe is worth expanding and it’d fit right into Miko’s overall kit and concept as a “pure healer”. I have virtually no experience of either at the moment and have never seen anyone discussing them, meaning that I have no clue as to how the game treats this as of now. As these are uncharted waters to me, I’m not too sure what would be overpowered and what would be balanced, but I’ll give it a go!

I’m going to have two terms in here that I want to clarify first though;

  • Cleanse – Remove all current debuffs the target is affected by, including stuns, slows, wounds, DoTs, damage amps and possibly other debuffs I’m missing.

  • Purify – Grants 50% CC reduction.

Level 4 - Sticky Spores
  • All allies struck by Spore Cloud gets cleansed from all debuffs.

This would grant a new dynamic to Spore Cloud as it could now be used on allies instead of just enemies. As this is on Spore Cloud, it’d have a base cooldown of 17 (roughly 15 with Evolutionary Emergence) which means you can’t spam it willy-nilly. It’s also worth mentioning that it doesn’t grant any form of immunity or reduction to debuffs applied after the target’s been cleansed.

If you get struck by a CC straight afterwards, it’ll apply normally.
If you try to cleanse Montana while Beatrix is shooting him, the wound is going to reapply normally.
If you try to cleanse Phoebe while she’s in a Blight, she’ll still take damage as the DoT in that case is not applied to Phoebe specifically.

This would make for interesting plays and would be at least a start to some form of counter against CCs and damage amps. This may be overpowered in relation to Beatrix’s ultimate, but it’d take for Miko to either cleanse the first target straight away or for everyone to group up so everyone affected could get the cleanse.

Level 8 - Biosynergy
  • Using the Healing beam while Biosynthesis is active purifies the target.

This would allow Miko to pair up with a tank/front-liner to try and make pushes without having to worry too much about getting struck by hard CCs. Since it’s a reduction and not immunity, such dives would remain interruptible as stuns and silences will still proc. Furthermore, this only applies to the target being healed by Healing Beam, not Miko himself. That could then allow for more tactical play – disrupt Miko before the tank so the tank can be focused properly. As this option is then competing with Residency, you can’t have this effect active for 10 seconds straight as you only have the original 5 seconds which means Miko will have to choose between being a better healer or “cleanser”.


Miko is already a fantastic rescuer, but to emphasise that role, he could use from form of burst healing which gives him an alternative way of doing what he does best as that’s the one form of healing he’s currently lacking.

Level 4 – Sticky Spores
  • Spore Cloud now heals allies struck by it for twice the damage it deals.

I couldn’t come up with a good, concise sentence to describe that in which makes it misleading. What I’m meaning is that the healing scales off the damage Spore Cloud does to one target, not that an ally can stand amongst a minion wave and get a burst healing exceeding 1000 because the Spore Cloud hit more than 5 enemies. I’m still not sure whether it should be a fixed amount of whether it should scale, the main reason why I put it in a scale would be so it would synergise with Spore Strike which increases the damage by 15%.
With the current numbers, this base heal at level 4 when you can get this helix would then heal for 316.

The base heal at level 6 without Spore Strike would be 348.

The base heal at level 6 with Spore Strike would be roughly 400.

The base heal at level 10 with Spore Strike would be roughly 474.

One could think of this as Miko’s version of Alani’s healing geyser, except Miko’s is weaker until level 6 if he chooses to spec for Spore Strike and a smaller area (I think even with Spore Storm the area ever so slightly smaller, could be wrong though).

I don’t think any of these things are going to happen as Miko is in a good spot and thus doesn’t need a rework like other characters.
To round off to this post though, I’d just like to add a few things I think Miko (regardless of any of my proposed changes) could benefit from;

  • Smoother transitions between Kunai throwing and Healing using Healing Beam

  • Healing Beam can override reloads

  • Barkskin also increases the radius of Fungus Among Us (don’t know by how much, but not a large increase by any means)

  • Increased base health by roughly 150

  • Increases the self-healing granted by Biosynthesis by 25 (effectively making a build centred around Regenerative Aura more of a carrying heal as discussed at the start)

  • Reduce spread of the Kunais

  • Reduce the damage per second granted by Molecular Mycology by half, double the duration (2 to 4 seconds, the overall damage is unaffected, it’s purely for utility as Miko is not meant for DPS)

  • Increase the effectiveness of Toxic Transfusion so it heals for 40 each poison cycle (can’t combine it with Pandemic, the poison doesn’t stack or reset the duration on the same target so one would have to hit different things to stack the effect)

  • Change Biosynthesis to the way I proposed in Agile. (I think the points still stand and primarily put it in there as it was an agile centred ability)

I probably come off as a hypocrite now, saying Miko’s well balanced while still proposing these changes. But the buffs I listed above are all modest and would put him in a better position within the category of well-balanced characters as there’s a spectrum there as well. After all, well-balanced doesn’t mean it’s perfectly balanced!

Once again, would love what you have think about Miko yourselves and if I’m way off with all of this or not!

Especially calling on @blainebrossart1, @dantesolar and other Miko players :grin:


In my view you aren’t at all hypocritical in this, you’re offering ways you see to reconcile the tags to the character while recognizing he isn’t in a bad place.

Players who devote so much time to a character seem to have a deeper understanding than the average player and can come up with easy changes that the devs may not think of(we all understand they’re busy and getting pulled in multiple directions so if they see a good idea I’m sure you’d be flattered that they used one of your ideas)


I like it. Miko is great but can’t do much else other than heal, so he doesn’t get to be part of the meta in most situations. These are some nice ideas to make him a more likely choice over other supports without actually getting rid of his nature as a dedicated healer.

A while ago I thought of an alternate to first responder that might be effective would be to give Miko a damage reduction while Biosynthesis is active, but I like the movement speed idea a lot more. Granted, I like movement on most of my characters.


Your First responder is quality of life change specially when you try to save your divers.

Fight of flight; im not sure if i want more time in the air… I can snipe bunnies easier than runners. Jumping is only usefull (imo) when they are in your face and you cant see of they jump behind or are in the same spot. It would be a good counter vs meele not vs ranged.

Use his spore to clean an ally could be hard to use, its a slow moving bomb… You would need a rly good response or predict the cc

I like the cc resistance using biosynthesis, it helps with saves, specially if it stacks with gear.

Sticky spore interesting but taking in consideration the cd, the cc it gives and how fast you can heal with just your beam. I probably wont use it to heal, is rly usefull on minions and stuning enemies.

Yes to the reload/beam problem, i have this tick of only shoot 5 times stop and see if i need to heal or shot and reload.

Regenerative aura should heal more based on the dmg dealt during biosynthesis, that way you could deal some damage and provide a decent heal while helping with waves.

Yes yes with kunais accuracy… It sucks!

No to molecular mycology… I dont want an other melka… It would make pandemic a bit usless. Even tho miko has a low dmg they can protect themselves with a good crit.

Miko needs some quality life changes

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imo, his survivability relies on his team, I may ve wrong but I think it’s something like a trade off, every team who get a (capable!) miko get’s (arguably) the best healer ingame, but he/she/it/ got aswell the biggest critspot, no escape (the spore is not a guaranteed safe) and in an 1on1 situation he’s almost sure a pizza topping, so your team has to cover these lacks, it’s in the teams duty to keep him alive, while he keeps the team alive, this is imo his best survivability


Well let’s compare to the other supports:

Alani has two different ways to increase her movement speed, a powerful self burst heal with a 30% damage reduction post level 5, an area denial ult to deter chasers, an emergency self heal on geyser that also somewhat functions as area denial (people will likely avoid getting caught in a bubble over the chance of getting a kill on Alani). When she is getting protection from her team she applies most of these benefits to everyone else on her team rather than herself. A really good escape if ride the wave is taken (I will acknowledge that ride the wave is rarely taken as the other two options are much better for the team/game overall, so I won’t really consider this part of her survivability but it’s worth a mention)

Kid Ultra has one of the best escapes in the game in the form of his ult and it’s on a 30 second cooldown. A very underappreciated escape in his helix Retro Rockets. A fairly reliable self heal from his stationary drones that can be a pretty good rescue heal past level 8.

Ambra has healing sunspots on such a short cooldown it might as well be considered on demand healing. She’s the fastest sprinter in the game baring cloaked Pendles. She gets a 300 point overshield that increases her movement post level 5 if she isn’t killed by a large burst of damage. An area denial ult to deter chasers. Her Staff Slam attack to get people out of her face. Slight area denial from her sunspots and their damage amp.

Kleese has his rifts, slightly higher shield capacity, area denial ult.

Reyna has a decent self heal/rescue, great self saving from her ult, possible enemy deterrence from her priority mark (people will tend to back off her if they are about to get focused with a damage amp on them)

Miko has above average movement speed, a self heal that is somewhat underwhelming before level 8 without combining it with regen gear or Heal Thyself, a self heal on his ult, and a slow/stun to deter melee characters. Can briefly decrease the size of his crit spot with his ult.

Personally, I’d rate survivability of supports like this (best to worst):

Kid Ultra

The idea that a team protects the support to increase survival of said support is true for all of them. And all of them let their teams to amazing things when they aren’t getting focused. A good ranged character will keep Miko hiding behind a corner all game because he has one of the lowest health/shield pools in the game and a massive crit spot and no personal defense against ranged attacks. His best form of self healing is interrupted if he gets hit by hard CC or blinds. He’s just easier to deal with than other supports.


If they did, then you would be correct :grin:

I tried to stay “true” to the character in that way. I myself actually really like that Miko isn’t combat oriented like, well, all other supports. It felt only natural then to emphasise his role as a healer in a broader sense, giving him the cleansing for instance and burst heals would be such examples.

That would’ve been quite nice, though possibly making him too strong if he went in with a dive when specced for Heal Thyself and Healer’s Oath as well.

Agreed. Because of this it’d be a nice helix to have a “passive counter” to melees and, as mentioned in the post, for map manipulation. If the helix was to be a double jump, then it wouldn’t increase your time off the ground for longer than normal unless you wanted it to.

I don’t think so myself, Spore Cloud is relatively easy to hit for the most part. After all, the cleanse in this case would be any allied target caught in its radius, not only direct impacts. Combine it with Spore Storm and you got a really big AoE for the cleanse to take place. You can also predict CC quite a lot. If you see Alani’s geyser going to activate right beneath a teammate, you can prepare your Spore Cloud and then hit them straight away as they get bound to knock them out of it.

I take it you’re reffering to the “Healing Spores” here, in which case I would probably agree for the most part. However, I think such an ability would still have a place in Miko’s helix, though necessarily with the values I mentioned. I’ve been reserved with giving Miko powerful skills to not try and push him into the-one-clear-choice-support/OP, this is one such case. Another version I was thinking of was if it healed for 350 to everyone within the radius or 700 to a target if it’s a direct impact. Another effect then might be that the slow field gets turned into a movement speed increase, hastening allies within it for a few seconds. Then you could use it to save Attikus for instance once he’s charged in by throwing it at him to increase his odds of surviving.

Preach, it’s sadly the only way around it. Or at least from what I know.

That’s actually an interesting idea. I reckon they’d have to increase his DPS, the duration of Biosynthesis or have a steep curve to make it useful though. It would be interesting seeing how such a Miko would play, though I think it’d make his healing quite a bit more inconsistent depending on when and how many targets he hits.

Funny thing was that it was Mellka’s changes which made me think of this (surprising, huh?). I don’t deem Miko to be a character to be DPS, nor do I want frankly want him to be either. With this change, the net damage would stay the same, but would just last 2 seconds longer to prevent teleports, shield recharges etc. It just brings slightly more utility to the poison than it has at the moment. It was problematic for Mellka as she is an assassin, she needs her DPS. Miko doesn’t need DPS in the same sense and can make a slight trade off there for slightly more utility.

Such is my opinion as well. As @blainebrossart1 pointed out, the main problem for Miko is that he’s a lot easier still to nail down than other healers. A stunned Alani for instance will often survive if people are trying to shoot her, or maybe even melee her. A stunned Miko on the other hand are in most instances a dead Miko. Miko like all characters bend his head forward when stunned. For most characters it’s not a problem, but Miko gets whacked straight away.

They ought to add a premium skin for him where his head is a dart board so that way you have all the circles lining up and dead center is a bullseye!

Ignoring the glorious Montana-on-Montana combat with the extraordinary climax at the end of the fight, this is an example of how Miko just melts. I know Montana’s one of the biggest counters and Beatrix was shooting as well, but having a crit spot which allows this should also have a higher health pool to compensate. Especially when considering someone like Alani got two solid insta self-heals at her disposal which heals for more than Biosynthesis does over 5 seconds pre-Residency.

I think I personally may have put Reyna above Kid Ultra because of her ability to save herself more frequently through insta-healing/shielding for more than 600+ every time. Also because Retro Rockets is really situational. Sometimes it’ll do nothing and sometimes it’ll definitely save your life. That’s only a maybe though as they’re basically on par with each other in my eyes. Other than that, I agree with the rest!

Indeed. Hard CCs are often (though certainly not always) managable as you let your team soak them up, but blinds can be a bloody nightmare, especially good Caldarius and Pendles players. If they’ve designated you as a target, they will harass you or let you take enough damage from other sources to a point where you’re forced to pop Biosynthesis. Then they’ll blind you to make sure you can’t heal yourself nearly as effecively with the blind and dive in for you to make sure to kill you within the first 3 seconds or so after the blind.

A lot of Pendles players gets sh*t for re-engaging after he cloaked, but it may be a brilliant move against a Miko. Maybe even the only good move to do. He might die for it, but not too seldo teams die with their Miko.


they did, the “A Corporate Sponsorship” skin actually has this “feature” xD


Hate that bitch so damn much lol

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I have no issue with her personally. But that’s because my main counters her.

Honestly I’m a bit of a hypocrite because it’s her survivability that ticks me off, yet I play as shayne and aurox who also have amazing survivability