Pros and Cons of subsystem turrets

I’m trying to weigh the benefits of subsystem turrets vs integrating turrets into the main ship hod, please add your thoughts

Pros for Subsystem turrets
Easily swappable in .ship file
Can be built/destroyed
can be damaged
Minimal rigging in parent ship
Supposedly instanced to reduce graphics overhead
type can be randomized through a script (maybe?)
Gives subsystem attackers something to do

Cons for subsystem turrets
hard to line up exactly
Does not work with whole ship animations (hyperspace)
may be a performance hit to track each one?
requires sphere burst weapons to damage unless lucky or subsystem attacker
UI can get messy with lots of turrets if you want to see health bars

Pros for integrating into ship
Works with whole ship animations(hyperspace mainly)
higher precision with placement and better integration with parent ship
Potentially better control of LOD/performance

Cons for Integrating into ship
much longer time to rig up (per ship)
can’t swap out easily
Cannot be damageable/destroyable


I think you’ve got most of them. I’m in the same situation with the absurd number of turrets and weapons emplacements some BSG ships have. Are you still using 3DSMax or have you moved to Blender? Dkesserich’s Blender exporter has a “fix names” functionality that propagates the _position name down to it’s child joints. Saves some time. Could always create a similar script for 3DSMax if you haven’t already.

hard to line up exactly

Are you using proxy models? Check out the hiigaran carrier example, HODOR will ignore them, I believe, even if they get exported to the DAE.

LODding is probably the same between each implementation, since IIRC you can give subsystems their own LODs.

UI can get messy with lots of turrets if you want to see health bars

Wasn’t there a setting that got added in 2.0 that allowed us more control over that?

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For lining it up, I guess I meant that the mesh could be scaled or edited directly if needed since it wouldn’t be repeated.

I actually don’t have a huge need for buildable and swappable turrets since the visual style is rather fixed, but I do wish I could get them to either follow the hyperspace animation or be damagable