Prospector Zeke and his optional quest detail (killing him with a slag weapon)

One quick question, would a slag element grenade work? I had heard Axtons turret doesnt count, even if you have Double Down. But slag barrels do. So… anyone out there ever checked to see if slagged grenades do?

What’s this? I don’t think I ever noticed that quest detail!

It’s an optional to kill him with slag I believe.

The optional objective tells you to kill him with a “slag weapon”. That doesn’t make it clear if he needs to be killed by an actual slag shot or if he just needs to be purple when you kill him. I can’t remember what it is cause in my last playthrough I killed him without slag. I honestly have no idea if slag grenades will do the trick, but now I’m also curious to find out.

Someone needs to test this.

If I remember to I’ll do it with axton but it may be awhile since I reset his playthough and am doing a lot of co op. What would you want me to get him with?

Slag grenade, preferably. I’m about 90% sure I tried axtons current with double up skill and it didn’t count.

OK a magic missile ×4 should be able to kill him.