Protect Missions way too difficult


i’m really thrilled to play the final Game right now, but somethings really annoying me.
The missions so far are super fun and cool, but the protect sequences of various missions like The Saboteur, The Archive and The Renegade are nearly impossible to do.

The Core that must be protected has way too less health and can’t be repaired and there are spawning way too much enemies, not only that, they focus directly to the core. If one enemy somehow happens to be near the core it’s already nearly over.

A mate and i yesterday did renegade, we both are good Gamers and we had zero problems (9 lives left, didn’t died once), but as soon as the last wave comes on the last core we were completely helpless.

I hope there will be a fix to that soon, otherwise it’s just not worth the time investing if you fail 9 of 10 missions because of that.

Are there other players who have the same issue? Whats your oppinion?


we just completed them all. random group of 4 and 5 ppl.

what you have to do is spread out, there are enemies that have huge range and sometimes even homing projectiles. If they don’t attack you, they attack the core. Get up close and personal with them, so you draw fire from the core.

Mind you, I was playing Marquis and tanking 2-3 of the giant Varelsi thingies that shoot the purple homing orbs. It worked out.

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Lots of cc. Oscar mike can hold choke points well and kill quickly. Maybe Rath’s spinning move could help.

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with a little bit of luck and good teamwork i don’t doubt it is possible, but for normal difficulty it’s still way too difficult

and i would say at least 80% of all randoms you get do everything but protecting the core

like i said we did the missions as a duo and we are both very good and experienced Gamers, but we had no chance at all

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They’re not hard with a group of five, the missions just aren’t really solo friendly. The more people you have, the easier they are. My bigger problem is why the ■■■■ are 90% of the missions protecting something. It gets old pretty quick. Also like half the bosses look exactly the same. I’ve only played like 5.5 ish missions (ran into a glitch of “The Sentinel” that wouldn’t let me advance), but it seems to be a pattern.


I actually had the EXACT same issue with the Renegade. Me and a buddy tried it several times in a full group and just the two of us and there was no way to handle it either way. Once they break through the upper windows its over, and the game initially does an awful job of explaining that the windows need to be protected. And the health is SO PATHETIC right? I seriously feel as if there should have been multiple checkpoints to try the final sequence multiple times before finally failing for real. Otherwise we felt like hours of our time we wasted, and not by any fault or lack of time management on our part.

Failed twice with a full group. Next time there wasn’t anyone to join so it put me in solo. Solo’d it easy. Go figure.

We went into The Archive in 2 Player Split-Screen, just to get a first look at the Level. We failed again with a random Group, but managed to beat it with the next group, even though one ISIC player apparently went afk during the minion escort. Even got a decent score.

So I would say, it’s all about party composition and cooperation. Players not only have to know what they’re supposed to be doing, but also when to step in to save their teammates.

Our party was Boldur, Montana, Orendi, Thorn and ISIC. So I guess area damage, CC and a Tank with good movement are the key elements here.

I think the hardest difficulty increase compared to The Void’s Edge is that you can’t repair Chronicle.


I would recommend buying all the turrets and traps because they are a HUGE help on these protect missions. I go for lightning turrets in close quarters and thumper turrets in more open areas.

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we bought the turrets as soon as we could, but in the last wave when the enemies come from every side you just don’t have the time avtivating hte turrets again and again

like i said i don’t doubt that with a little luck and good teamwork it is possible, but still 8 or 9 fails in 10 missions are not motivating

i will try the missions solo today and look how that will work, but that’s not the sense behind of it, you want to play together with other people without getting furstrated because they don’t know what to do and enemies swarming the place

Ya that was a pretty tough part. I beat it with one other player, and we just barely made it. One more hit would’ve probably destroyed it. I’m guessing since they decreased the Galactic Emperor’s health in the most recent patch, they’re definitely open to fixing the campaign, so they’ll probably address this eventually.

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that problem is really big time for me, because nearly every mission besides The Algorithm and The Sentinel have protect missions and except for maybe The Voids Edge there are all nearly impossible with a inexperienced team or with 2 players

the story missions was one of the reasons i did buy this game, so Gearbox please do something

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Lot of players still learning the game, just was in ‘the Saboteur’ with public party, and they started the 3rd def. event at the moment we arrived, without setting up any of the defenses (aside from the 3-4 turrets/traps I could build in 10 seconds until the waves started). That part is incredibly hard even with set up defenses, but that way, we didn’t stand a chance, Nova died in the first wave.

We need to give people time, after some failures, they will realize that the ‘don’t start the event yet’, ‘set up slow/stun traps’ advices are not bullsh*ts and they should listen to them.

Anyways, aside from the 3rd defense point in the Saboteur, they are easy on normal solo.

hopefully the dlc shall have less of it X( i just like to have fun hitting things without having to think about guarding something the entire time.

maybe you are right Joe_bascsi, but that doesn’t explain how we (as a duo) didn’t stand a chance in the protect missions, we did exactly what you said, build all turrets, split up when enemies came from different directions. All fine

but that last round of defense is really really hard and you need a lot of luck, the saboteur or the renegade both are like that

My SO and I were in the same boat on mission 7. That last protect could only be hit like 4 times. If it got hit 4 times the mission failed. Those skaven were spawning on it and ones running up were teleporting through the wall (not having to go around the barriers or near that turret pod). We ended it up each soloing the mission and had no issues. Again, this is only with that last protect section on mission 7. We didn’t have issues with any other protects (we have not finished mission 8, yet).

I didn’t suffered in the renegade, however the 3rd def. point of the saboteur is hard indeed. Especially compared to the previous ones. I can say that maybe it is even overtuned, but I could do it in solo (for the 3rd try). The way I dealt with it is that I saved as many shards as I could to that point, arrived there with around 5k crystals. Built everything (combination of thumper turrets, slow traps, stun traps, temporal drones).

The first wave there is not that hard, the party starts at the second wave. The key there are the skaven (the smaller varelsi mobs). They burst down Nova’s HP very fast if they can reach her. Focus them down as soon as they reach the center platform, your defences should take care of the rest of the mobs for that time. If a turret/trap is destroyed, rebuild it. This way I could keep Nova above 55% HP at the end of the 2nd wave. In the 3rd wave, a big Varelsi spawns at the entrance, burst him down as quickly as you can, then run back to Nova, there will be some bigger enemies there.

Also, speccing into mobility and cc/slow utilities helps there a ton (I did with Thorn, and I specced into slowing/+movement speed Blight).

It can come down to sometimes I don’t want tpeople gave to give my all, some of the protect isn’t the worst but others just are garbage (and some you will never end with more thenews 5% how if you can finish them, I’m looking at you saboteur)

It’s just that the hp is so low and it never heals so it’s just unforgiving, you could let one or 2 people past you and have already lost

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@ chriscuccaro

that’s exactly what i meant, that protection crap is just unforgiving

low health, no repair possible, if the team doesn’t work together correct or even if they just don’t look at the core for one second it could be too late…

I would gladly put like my shards into paying for a shield, some games I end with 7k shards anyways, I wish I could put them to better use either as a heal or a shield for it even at like 25% for 1k

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