Protuberence Still Good?

I haven’t even SEEN one of these since Mayhem 2.0 was released…

For those of you who have used one lately, how good is it? I’m looking for more ideas on splash shotguns for Moze (besides Tigg’s, Flakker, and Anarchy) for M10

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The perfectly-rolled version is okay, but it is starting to fall behind the power creep.


What anointment and element were you using to test?

Radiation 160 splash

I’ve been having fun with the Polybius lately. I’m trying to find a 300/90 version.

Really??? Last time I tried that gun it was trash…Imma have to test again…

And with 300/90…doesnt it burst fire? So the moment the first group of bullets hit, don’t you lose the 300%?

I’m using it for Mindsweeper and chucking. I’ve got one with the crit/fire rate anoint that is working well, but I imagine 300/90 would be good for the chucking.

I like shocker from dlc2 a lot it will one shot scrubs on mh10 and do work on badasses with good annoints


To clarify I used deathless / blood letter and a urad shocker


i agree, it destroys trash mobs!

So it’s basically anti-trash trash?

The protuberance fell wAy behind when the lob got hyper-buffed. The higher damage versions are 60% weaker than lobs. (@m10)


Got a 300/90 one and its HEAT! As long as the balls can spread (heh :smirk:) so all 3 of em hit…

Thanks for the suggestion

I like it a lot and it’s a fun alternative to all the meta guns out there. Have fun


I don’t find that to be true. I have protuberance in shock, epic variant with 100% ase. It’s still wrecks on my moze in Mayhem 10. I have even soloed some bosses with it. Yes it has fallen behind and isn’t the king it was back in Mayhem 3 at level 50. But it is still extremely viable within certain builds.

At the time if my post I had forgotten about the projectile split. You are right. :slight_smile:

Well, I need some of your luck brother/sister…I can’t find one to save my life so I can test lol

The Protuberance and the Host are both still really good on Moze especially, but also on Fl4k because of Megavore.

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I tried farming for these past few days and haven’t seen a Protuberence still…

Does anyone on PC have an extra one? I don’t care about anointment

I just picked one up on PS4. They’re still good. Might be worth checking out the thumper from DJ dead skag.

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