Proudest achievement!

Since the games release, I have wanted one gun and one gun only. A Handsome Jackhammer. But not just any Jackhammer. I wanted an anointed one that I could make a build around for my main squeeze -Zane.

Why you ask? His abilities reminded me of Timothy from TPS and I love the Irish humour. As for the gun? It’s Handsome Goddamn Jack. That’s why.

I started looking for it as soon as the game launched at midnight. I have played it every day since - minimum of three hours to a maximum of eight hours. I took breaks in between for my sanity and hunted other items but I always returned for my dream find.

Before the bank patch and loot pool patch, I cleared every single legendary I owned just to store Jackhammers. And I got them of every element - a grand total of 38 Jackhammers…but no anointed.

The loot pools came but I Jackie was cruel to me. So I continued world drop chance from Grave Ward…and on the 19th of December, I finally got it.

They called me crazy! I had people offer to give me one if they ever found it but no - I GOT IT. ME! I can finally begin my Hyperion only Zane build centred around the Jackhammer! I can finally playthrough the entire game listening to the golden voice of Dameon Clarke and never get fed up of it!

Never give up! T.T

Also, what’s everyone proudest achievement so far?

BONUS ACHIEVEMENT (from the same drop as my Jackhammer too!)

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