Proving Grounds Game Mode

Looks very much to be the BL3 version of Diablo rifts.

I. Am. Pumped.

I have been hoping for something like this every since BL2. Finally, a way to actually farm that doesn’t involve a lot of Save/Quitting.

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Score top tier loot in Proving Grounds and the return of Circle of Slaughter arenas.

Quick info on that Proving Grounds:

> Proving Grounds: themed gauntlets guarded by an Eridian known as the Overseer who wishes to test your mettle on behalf of the mysterious “Masters.” Proving Grounds are races against the clock, tasking you with blitzing your way through three areas filled with baddies and beating a boss in 30 minutes or less. If you complete your chosen Trial quickly and efficiently you’ll earn better bounties, and for even greater rewards you can complete bonus objectives like beating the Proving Grounds without dying, completing it with a certain amount of time remaining, or managing to find and eliminate an elusive Fallen Guardian who roams the area. The chest that awaits at the end of the Proving Grounds always contains valuable loot, but you’ll need to display true mastery if you want the best rewards.

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New announcements of arenas and a new “Proving Grounds” challenge today. Looks fun, and means (of course) more activities outside of the story arc, which is good.

Of course for us old folks, “Proving Grounds” is reminiscent of " Wizardry: Proving Grounds of the Mad Overlord", which is the RPG many of us started with, ah nostalgia.

I like this approach. Never been much of a fan of timed content but for this game I don’t see it being a big deal. Can’t wait for this game

Me also, I do not like timed challenges in story mode. But as an optional blitz area I’m OK with it.

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Sounds similar to strikes in destiny although a bit more randomized in terms of the waves you’ll face. Personally strikes were one of my favorite things to do so I’m actually pretty pumped for this. The timed aspect was a little disappointing to hear at first but the more I thought about it the better I felt. Once I’m all geared up it should be fairly easy and then I can just start going for short runs. Can’t wait

I’m DTF (Down to Fight).

I really dig it.

The giant alien flora looks so out of place(in a good sense), coupled with the re-runable? nature, reminds me heavily of the Story Ops in Battleborn :heart:

Also for some reason I‘m getting mad Torchlight vibes, from the awesome ruins in the backround. I kinda recall the 2th floor was somekind of underground seaside jungle grotto…

As for the time limit, not a big fan of it either but watching Joltzdude solo gameplay, it seems completly doable at the same level.

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I’d normally agree with how crappy timed challenges are, but 13 minutes for the first challenge and 30 minutes overall is completely doable for endgame level builds. Even solo.

On the surface this is just a 3-phase run for the money through everything that stands in our way, but the sheer simplicity is what makes this great. Low on time and don’t want to invest yourself into anything complicated? Just go and kill some stuff! It also gives us the option to mix up the repetition of farming. It’s very simple as a concept, but fits perfectly into the game world and the gameplay loop.


I guess I’m going to have to be “that guy.” To me I would get bored super fast of this. I would prefer raids than a horde mode. I think it’s fine as a way to farm for loot but if I dont have endgame challenges that I can use that loot on then what’s the point? Give me a Terramorphous, Master Gee, Hyperius, etc. Just get rid of the broken cheese. Then I will get excited fornthe endgame.

Most likely just going to keep replaying the main game making new builds. This just doesnt do it for me.

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The Proving Grounds aren’t the only endgame content, Raids will be in the game. So don’t worry. They’re promoting Proving Grounds now because it is “new” while the Raid Boss(es) aren’t a new concept and potentially even a spoiler.


Personally, I really dig the time limit thing because of the way they are implementing it. They said in the interview that clearing the run in 30 minutes won’t be that difficult, it’s getting the top tier rewards by clearing the round quickly is where the real challenge lies. This lets those who are not super into min-maxing the ability to still get a clear and some good loot, but also rewards the people who have dedicated tons of time into perfecting their build the ability to get even better loot and add tougher modifiers. Like I said, this is clearly their take on Diablo style Rifts, and I am totally cool with that.

To each his own I suppose, but personally, I enjoy mobbing and killing enemies a lot more than battling the bullet-sponge raid bosses that this franchise has had in the past. Also, I find challenge rooms with varying, random content and major loot rewards to be a lot more addicting than running the same story mission for the 15th time. Some of this is just due to the fact that raid bosses have never been very well designed in this franchise IMO, so I hope that improves. If the raid bosses are once again bullet sponges where you just find a cheese ledge to hide behind, then I’m going to be disappointed.

I am ecstatic for this. The slaughter domes (aside from a select few) were always my favorite content. It is nice to see something like that for end game

oh no. not again. I heard it takes 30 minutes to complete the round.? is it true. a 10-15 minute arena run is already exhausting solo, what more for 30 minutes or more.

Also, the one who named this Proving Grounds must be a Horizon Zero Dawn fan.

<<—BUZZZZZ–>> Wrong. :slight_smile:
1981 - " Wizardry: Proving Grounds of the Mad Overlord"

How did you like H-Zero Dawn? I played it for 20 hours or so it was OK, but after being immersed in the Borderlands environs for a few years Horizon is soooo slooooow.

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you win. :grin:

The moment i started I like it already, I spent a few hours at the start just killing some boar and all.

Then there is also some hair raising moment when you need to do stealth with a time limit. Something like this:

Funny, I just played Knoxx DLC yesterday and Mr. Shank said, Hey, Are you attempting stealth? Is this what stealth looks like to you?


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“Top-tier loot”

I wonder if that means we’ll be able to get Legendaries and Pearlescents from this? Or if they will still be relegated to just boss fights and specific quests/enemies?