Proving Grounds locations not unlocked after completing the game

So I am halfway through my True Vault Hunter mode game and on Mayhem 3. When I go to the locations of the proving grounds there is no marker to start the instance. How do you fix this? Do you need to complete the game on TVHM too?

Yes, You need to complete the game. Also Mayhem shouldn’t be able to play until finish story too. It’s just a bug for PC

But I have beat the game on normal already…

Well… TVHM is like new game + so You have nothing but gear… Like every other games with “new game +”.

Well shouldn’t I be able to do proving grounds then? It says I can do one of them now, but it doesn’t let me load in from the drop pod.

Dunno, really. Game has tons of bugs.
I had to start story 2 times because of the NPC glitches and couldn’t progress further…

TVHM is a new game mode, with a new campaign walkthrough, and you need to finish the main story in TVHM mode to unlock the proving grounds in TVHM.
And it will be so everytime you reset TVHM mode.

Meanwhile they are unlocked in normal mode. And you can also change the mayhem mode in TVHM.

TVHM is completely pointless except for the opportunity it gives you to play the campaign again, and get campaign mission rewards at level 50.
Other than that normal mode + Mayhem 1/2/3 is the way to go! :wink:

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