Proving Grounds Matchmaking...Lack of interest or matchmaking issue?

So last night 2 friends and myself were playing and decided to give Proving Grounds a try. So we qued up and went on our way killing bandits, questing and just generally messing around. Next thing we know an hour has passed and there we are still in que. Is there just generally no interest in Proving Grounds or is matchmaking a bit wonky?

There is way more loot from circle of slaughter. No one plays proving grounds

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if u still searching for people to do this kind of stuff with. add me on discord vuurmanj #4427. i got a small but growing community only for borderlands 3. if thats interesting for u . just let me know

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@Pr0we that’s a disappointing mindset to say the least but yeah you’re probably right.

@vuurmanj Tactical Gaming right?

yea. but we only got a small group from them. its a division focussed on borderlands 3. it still growing so if u want to join u can help/see everything growing from the bottem

Always looking for like minded people to play with! I’ll add you to discord now but wont be on till later since I’m at work right now.

noo worries. just add me . can have already a talk and stuff. and i walk u true it when we both got time. if u want i can add u aswell if ugive me your discord

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