Proving grounds not rewarding enough om TVHM Mayhem 3?

been doing some proving grounds on tvhm mayhem 3 completed them, sometimes with only 2 obj completed… When u get to the final chest and open it just to see 4 blues, i really cant be anything but disappointed… This is suppose to be endgame content and even on the hardest difficulty u only get 4 blues when u complete a proving ground… anyone else feels like this needs a buff ??

I’ve gotten more legendaries from the enemies than the chest, by far. Not very many, either way. Circles of slaughter are a better bet

On paper there is a considerably increase in reward potential. You say these numbers are incorrect? I m only to Mayham 2 here, still need gear to beat 3 but from 1 to 2 feels okay to me.

Do slaughter shaft it’s the only non farmy content i know to actually be rewarding. Average 20+ Legendary items per clear. And that’s solo be alot more in group i’m sure. And yeah alot needs buffed all proving grounds suck for loot. Slaughter star horrible loot too. 90 percent of bosses have crap loot and they wander why everyone farms graveward when he averages 4 Legendary a kill and other bosses like .25 a kill.