Proving grounds not rewarding enough?

Im not sure maybe its just me but i feel like proving grounds isnt rewarding for what u have to do in there. My point is if u want an efficient way of farming legendaries youre better off just killing bosses or legendary spawns that u could easily get to instead of spending 25mins in the proving grounds only to end up getting purple loots from the reward chest.


This is a real problem. Proving Grounds is supposed to be the “end game”, I would MUCH prefer to farm these on repeat than to save/quit on a boss 40 times, but the ratio of rewards compared to boss farming is too little. When I farm Rifts in Diablo (which are the PG equivalent), it rains legendaries at the highest torment levels. GBX, can you please make Proving Grounds more of a priority so that it is a bigger focus for end game farming? After all, that was the original point of it right?

Same problem with all of the Circle of Slaughters as well, except maybe Slaughterstar 3000.


Yes, they aren’t rewarding at all. Playing anything else seems to be more rewarding.

These are the real problems of this game, that the most rewarding stuff is farming bosses by quitting and restarting all over again.

These are the problems Nerbox should be focussing on, not mindless nerfs of 70% damage to items.


Done them all on Mayhem 3 at least once. Never seen a gold drop in the final chest. Also, the boss fights are consistently the easiest part. Not rewarding. Dont know how long the Slaughterhouse is really going to hold my interest, and not sure what is left for end game.