Proving grounds suggestions

So i “entered” endgame of Borderlands 3, a few weeks back, and im starting to get bored of the repetitive, boss farming and slaughter shaft on mayhem 3.

But i have not come here to write a complaint! i feel like with a few tweaks, the current endgame could be turned into something a lot less repetitive.

Of the 3 “arena’s” the game currently have, only Slaughter shaft feel rewarding, ive tried all three of them, and not only was the slaughter shaft the most challenging & rewarding, but it is also the most fun! due to this, i feel like the game could benefit from making the other two “arena” type gamemodes, up to par!

And then we have Proving grounds, does anyone even run them at all? i feel like they are realy fun to run, but even on mayhem 3, and with alot of badasses, there just arent any reward at all, this is a huge amount of fun content wasted (in my opinion), i feel like up the rewards from doing them! and boom there are now 6 “dungeons” in the game worth running!

Its just my two cents, what do you think about this? would be nice to hear other’s thoughts about this.

The loot at end of the Trial should be more beefy. Did a few on M3, all I get is blue & purple. Then I returned to Graveward.

Yea exactly my point! we seek other means of getting loot, but if we dont get any reward, it feels like a waste of time, i feel like this could be so easy to fix for them.

Agreed here. I stopped running Proving Grounds because it was unrewarding. I’d love to see them overhaul it a bit to make it another viable option in the endgame content path.

The proving grounds are way to short and the loot is really poor at the end. I recently ran it three times on m3 only to have blues and greens at the end.

However I’m not a big fan of slaughter shaft either. Yes it really has great rewards but get really unnerved by all the grenade and rocket launcher spam. Also I don’t like the bullet sponges (Annointed). Imho they are not well designed and not fun to play against.

What I do is currently checking on my remaining / unfound quests and do them on m3. In parallel I’m levelling a second toon. When I’m done with that I think I’ll wait for DLC.

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Gbx has an opportunity to go beyond just improving the loot quality. They could give each trial different weighted loot tables to allow players to choose their own paths. My fear with simply boosting the loot quality is that certain trials will become unfavorable because they’re less efficient. It’s probably too much to ask for.