PS 4, Cannot Get To Pandora

I have been working with support@2k, but I am asking Gearbox for assistance.

I finally killed GraveWard, and Tanis is now gone. The next mission in the games arc is to go back to Pandora.

I have tried everything to get to Pandora, but NOTHING works.

As an aside, I always play solo, and if I need to I will pay/subscribe to PlayStation Plus, to get back to sanctuary, after about 2-3 more weeks of nothing working, which may allow me to get back to Pandora, which means I will break a personal rule and play with another player for at least a few minutes

Does Gearbox support have any suggestions?
I have tried everything that 2K has suggested, to no avail.


In addition, because I really wanted to play BL3, I bought a PS4 Pro (about $400), another monitor (about $200), another desk (about $50), and the $100 Super Duper Special Version of BL3, for a total of about $750… Please help…

Can you share more details? Don’t you have any fast travel station in The Droughts?
BTW. only help you gen get here is from other users, which could be better than support.

You are probably correct, BUT I shouldn’t have to depend on other players to complete the game. If this was a multi-player game only, I would have never bought the thing…

Can you go back to pandora by opening the map? You should see the pandora planet on the fast travel list there, is it missing?

Nope, Pandora/Droughts is missing entirely except for the “hyper jump” menu in the bridge at Sanctuary

OK. here is a copy of what I sent to support@2k:

// begin ==========================


1: I have always had to “hyper jump” to another planet and back to my target to get a useable drop pod.

2: On the fast travel thing, I have never had an entry other than sanctuary for any planet.

3: As i have already mentioned, with respect to Pandora/The Droughts, the drop pod never acknowledges that it will target Pandora/The Droughts. With every other planet, the drop pod says the location where I will drop to.

4: if this doesn’t get solved in about 2-3 weeks, I will be forced to pay for Playstation Plus and get another player to help me get to Pandora… {{sigh} Playstation is taking advantage of me and others by forcing us to pay for the “privilege” of multi-player, which is a rip off in my opinion} I always play solo, for EVERY game other than the MMORPG games.

5: I cannot rate 2K’s support until, and unless, 2K gets my problem resolved. So as long as this is “up in the air”, I will not rate your performance. If your support works for me, I will give you a “good” rating, of course.

6: I notice that you are sending this to me in the middle of the night, thus you are either working a night shift, or are in another country. It doesn’t matter, as long as you work well, but just wondering…

Thank you for your time, and have a good day!

PS: For some reason, my actual email application is unable to reply to you, and I have to use GMXs online website to reply to you… I wonder why…


((Yeah… guess who is a programming geek))

Can you try joining local coop game? If you join to new character it should leave you on Pandora.

I will do that eventually, since I will have to “subscribe” to PS-Plus, which I think is a ripoff. I will probably be forced to do that, but I will allow 2K support to fix it for me.

I always play solo. If I join a co-op team, I will leave immediately after I get to Pandora…

support@2k is very inefficient!

2k keeps telling me that I haven’t any additional messages for the past week, they have “deprecated” my complaint, even though I had been asking if the problem has been resolved ONLY TWO DAYS BEFORE!!!


By chance are you able to start a character on a different profile, if you can you should be able to open up atleast the first area of pandora (through splutscreen) via fast travel then switch to the account your having issues with and continue from there.

Note - this isnt a fix, only a work around. theres also possibility this could break some other fast travel points in that youll have to move sactuary to the planets using the drop pod to rediscover the points (after reading your other issues i some how glanced over, this wouldnt make more of an issue).
Otherwise you may ve elegible for a free 7 days of ps + and surely someone could help out that way too

The suggestion about local coop doesn’t involve PS Plus - you need a second account on your PS4 (just create a new one – useful, too, for making mules to save stuff) & you play split-screen with yourself (log second account in). A second controller makes it easier but you can do it with just one controller.

Without PS Plus, do you still get BL3 updates? Sorry to see it’s been over a week of this :frowning: The one time I tried to get Gearbox/2K support was similarly weird (like they didn’t read my enquiry & gave auto-responses).

I will look at your suggestions (PS: I am an “old-fart” and am {sigh} brain-damaged, so it could take me a few days to set this up for myself) BUT, I will attempt to do what you two have suggested (ie: CDR_Shepard and Steeveyb)

Thank you, and everyone on this thread, for your suggestions!

I’m felling ignored :confused:

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Dont feel that way, honestly your response covered my basics anyway before i even had the chance

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So i was trying to fast travel from sanctuary and see that there are no other places to go to…until i press triangle to view galaxy map and seeing other planet to go, have you try to press triangle from fast travel menu?