(Ps 4) Guardian rank does not work

Hey there,

playing since an hour and farmed cpt vault. I got xp but the guardian rank doesn’t work. Did something happen i missed oder is it really buggy?
Yes, i am playing online not offline.

Farming what? Guardian rank is locked until you finish the game. If you already completed story with one character and started new one, you need to go to GR tab first.

Or are you getting confused by the XP addition graphic that fills the bar then drops back as it hasn’t really filled the bar, just dropped a little XP brick into the row.

I am lvl 50, playing mayhem III, killing bosses in online mode, doing arena and so on. But my guardiang rank seems to be fixed. Rank is 136 but nothing happens :confused:

Tried again today but nothing happens to the rank and so no reedem tokens 4 me :frowning:

And additional, there is always the text that i have to use skillpoints over the xp bar since nearly 3 weeks. But i did use all of them… there is nothing to use. Hm…