PS Aim for BL2 VR... Please!

10 out of 10 Claptraps agree… the PS Aim is the best controller for the PSVR, and incorporating it would make you the First and ONLY AAA single player shooter to incorporate it. One update to rule them all…

Someone in your staff should go try out Firewall: Zero Hour. When your joyous heart palpitations subside, you’ll realize BL2 and the PS Aim are a match made in heaven.

Corporate Jack doesn’t want to spend your hard earned money adding this feature? Crowdfund it. We’ll pay. We just want to feel the feeling of capping Face McShooty with an actual pull of the trigger. Let us live our best life.



This x1000. For me the game is a no-purchase without aim controller support, and it boggles the mind as to why it wouldn’t be implemented. Day 1 purchase with aim support. Without? I guess maybe I’ll pick it up cheap on sale down the line, maybe. I’m certainly not the only psvr owner that feels this strongly about supporting the aim controller, it’s perfect for the game.