PS Cross-Save questions

I finally got a PS4 and BHC just shipped today. I poked around the forums and got some answers, but I still have remaining questions:

  1. Do Torgue tokens, Seraph crystals transfer?
  2. Will USB transfer ever happen?
  3. Why wasn’t USB transfer implemented? Was this intentional?
  4. I have some TFTB loyalty items in my TPS Shift Depository that I haven’t redeemed; I want to save them until I max out the level. Do these transfer or do I need to redeem them, then bank or backpack them?
  1. Everything about your save transfers
  2. Not Likely
  3. Most likely just too many problems or they are still working on it
  4. I believe the loyalty items are already present on the Handsome Collection but I wouldn’t redeem them on last-gen just in case

The items in Claptrap’s Secret Stash will not transfer. Also, if you have multiple characters they will have to be transferred individually. The following gives more detailed information regarding the Transfer process:

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If you haven’t claimed your SHiFT Rewards for the Tales from the Borderlands season pass, they’ll stay in Shifty Sheldon’s kiosk until you redeem them. You’ll also get a hefty amount of Golden Keys when you transfer. Just remember that you HAVE to download the patch before transferring

Thanks for the replies, all. I’ve already updated BL2 and TPS on the PS3, now I just have to do all that for PS4 when the disc arrives next week. I’m still amazed that they’d have troubles with a USB transfer, especially with the 4 basically being a PC.

I think it’s just that the save format is different, while using the Upload Data, means they only take the information transferred to the server and then rewriting them to the PS4 formatted save data upon Download.