PS Neo updated game

I would like to see this game get updated for PS Neo.

I doubt gearbox have the money or incentive to do it - but 60FPS would be nice. And field of view slider.

Updating a game to Neo isn’t gonna cost millions of dollars. It’s just updating the current game to a better frame rate and graphics.Sony is sending out Neo kits to the devs. A lot of games that have already been released on ps4 are going to release fall time for Neo.

A number of employees would have to dedicate an amount of time to do this. But battleborn is a huge financial loss, so doubt they will want to put any more money into it.

Sony is sending out kits to almost every company, it’s just updating the game It won’t take too many resources. Updating the game will make this game last longer. 60 Fps on console would be ideal.