PS players getting booted?

Are they working on the servers on PS4? All three team members were booted from online story mode and we all keep getting the “must be signed into PS network” error. However, we are still in party chat and still have all other online functionality.


Same thing with my group


I had same problem was playing incursion matches than got booted and unable to get back online, PS is connected to network fine.

Just tested my network and all is well.

Same problem and I was nearly done ambras solar wind lore :\

Same problem here as well, still in a party chat

Same thing here, servers just took a nose dive.

Yup I’m booted. At title screen and it’s telling me to get a connection. I am connected. Maybe battle born servers having a hiccup? Or is it ps4?

Same thing for me and my buddy! Servers having issues!

Same here. Servers more than likely.

Gotta switch to uncharted multiplayer in the meantime.

Same here.

Same. Ps4 battleborn servers must be down. Let us know if anybody gets back in.

Same here.

Edit: I’m back in.

On a side note if the battleborn servers are down maybe the game should just say that instead of questioning your connection to the internet/psn/jesus.

They’re up :wink:

Yep. This is ridiculous.

Yup, just started an Incursion match and not 2 minutes in I get booted and the message “player Initialization failed…connect to ps network blah blah blah”

My account is active and connected.

Restarted the app and the PS4 and nothing.

Back on! Did a restart!