PS Plus Necessity

Will PS Plus be required in order to play local co-op / single player private story or versus matches?

Need some confirmation on this. :slight_smile:

Anyone know? :open_mouth:

No, it’s not required. Had my Plus sub run out mid Beta when I was playing and never locked me out. Only certain games require Plus, most I’ve come across thus far never needed it. Don’t see the chance of this changing either.

Thanks for the reply. However, it was explicitly stated that Ps Plus wasn’t needed for any BETA feature. I’m pretty sure PS Plus will be necessary for Versus Public, but if it’s not, that would be good to know… [as well as for other modes]…

PS+ was not needed for the Beta, but I garuntee you will need it for the retail version for the public online, and almost definetly private online.

local coop and local multiplayer with bots SHOULDNT, but since Battleborn is an always online game I wouldnt rule anything out.

Needing PS+ for things you do solo would be a huge stretch honestly.