PS Trade. Want LV50 Radiation Laser Sloder

I got a variety of things. Let me know what you’d like. Thanks!

Do you have any gamma anointed Night Hawkins?

I do not. Anything else you are looking for?

I have one. Im looking for gamma65 annoint weapons or Elemental projector with rad dmg or irradiate chance roll or atom balm aura artifacts with + rad/irradiate roll

I have a Double Penetrating Sploder Rad w/ Crit anointment. Do you have a Deathless with gun/ AR damage?

I have some but they are non elemental and purple not legendary

I have lol 50 radiation laser sploder… Iooking for a rough rider shield with ammo Regen on terror if you have.

Thanks, but i have the purple version already

Got any non Terror anointed Infinity Pistols?

I have two different Rad Laser Sploder both with ASE Weapon Damage is increased by 100% for a short time.

I have Itchy Gratifying and Double Penatrating Shredded.

Also have one for phasegrasping accuracy and handling.