PS3 crash on loading screen

I playing on SP in borderlands 2, i have some lag fps problems from the auto save, but works fine. The real problem for me is when try to change the map there is a 50% chance of the game freezing in the loading screen.

Where is the problem? Why does this happen?

I played borderlands 2 in ps3 in the 2013 and the game works complety fine 0 crash and 0 lag fps, but in 2016 the game is unplayable it´s constantly crashing in the loading screens.

The difference for me playing in the 2013 is only playing with the game and 1 dlc, in 2016 I’m playing with all dlcs.

I tried with rebuild the database and the File System from the recovery system of my ps3 and works same, crash in the loading screen. And also tested for playing offline, but remains the same.

i need help, I want to play the game that I bought in conditions.

A I do not care fps slumps, but what gives me the same it´s the game freezing in the loading screen.

My game is digital

yoroshiku177, I am having the same ‘crashing’ at load up problem. I have the game on disk. I had been thinking that it was a disk access problem i.e. my BR Drive. Maybe not!

I reformatted my PS3! This worked for a few months but now its playing up again. (Sept '16)

I think the frame rate lag IS caused by having all the DLCs loaded. (I also have this ‘problem’) Only does it when saving game progress. (New-U Stations)

Is there any chance that someone at Gearbox might deem to look in to the load up issue?