PS3 friends no cheaters

no mods no glitch’s looking for legit players on ps3 English with a mic would be great also 18+ (no kids shouldn’t be on this game anyways) leave psn and age mic yes no and char levels :slight_smile:

I’m on ps3 but live in Australia so depending where you are there will be alot of lagg

PSN matches username anyway

Mic, 21, various levels

PSN: XxSTEVIE666xX Age: 19 Mic: yes, on mostly in evening UK time.

Sure if you don’t mind playing new game just started a siren psn bigjay001 yes i have a mic and yes i’m over 18.

CAPN_DUKE420… 25… No mic ATM… Level 72 Gunzerker, assasin, siren, and commando… Have all DLC, no OP levels yet… Mature player(will not just steal all the loot) team player… I live in California, mostly play nights and weekends. Feel free to send a request with BL2 in the topic! Happy vault hunting!

I’m 21 have zero lvl 55 sal lvl 41 and maya lvl 34 and yes I have mic psn is ZENETHFORCE

Hey I know you said 18+. But I’m turning 15 (high school… find it close enough :/) I’d play if you want. But if you don’t want to and I get it and respect your choice.
PSN:In my name

Señor_Yatez mic and over 18 gunzerker siren commando all OP8.

Fermex5755 Gaige lvl 72 op2 looking for people to play for op8 and raids no mic atm

mic no
psn ranmiah

op8 gunzeker
op8 siren
op8 assassin
op8 psycho
op8 mechro

Add me war boy we can play

Im just under 18 will be 18 in 4 months I dont glitch or cheat so if you want look me up psn id is razor6917