PS3 is sooo laggy

Would anyone know what i can do to improve the performance of Borderlands 2 on my PS3?

I play mostly on my P.C but decided to get out the old girl and install it on my PS3 and it’s so laggy it’s a joke…I know it’s not me because when i compare how it runs on my xbox360 and P.C it’s a hell of a lot smoother
I’ve tried everything, i’ve gone into recovery options and reset the file structure, and even rebuilt the data base, completely uninstalled the game, then reinstalled again…But nope it still runs terribly

Is there anything i can do please i’m desperate?, i’m about to give up on the PS3 and just continue to play on P.C

And before you ask, it’s a relatively new PS3 so there’s nothing wrong with the hard drive…I’m beginning to suspect the lack of memory on this console is severely fubaring it’s ability to handle this game :sweat:

I’ve spent hundreds of hours on the PS3 version, frame rate drops and auto save lag are normal on the PS3. Nothing can be done to improve it.

Thanks for your honest answer…I had a feeling that might be so, the PS3 is simply not powerful enough to run this game…I’m going back to my P.C :slight_smile:

Glad to help.

Good idea.

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It’s rather the game not using the processor well honestly. Then again, most multiplatform games dont.
On the PS3 the CC is unusable since it makes the framerate go down to 0, or even make the game crash.

So true. When optimized the PS3 is a very capable machine.


I managed to alleviate a tiny bit of my lag problems by going into the ps3’ menu system and changed the display down to 720p
From all the difficulties I’ve had with the ps3’s version of Borderlands 2 I don’t think I will ever be supporting the ps3 any more…as a console it’s just far too weak…perhaps the PS4 will be able to handle modern games better

i have never gotten any lag on my ps3
but when i fast travel and spawn my fps is like 2 for about 5 seconds

It’s laggy in general on PS3. I have the PS3 version of the first game and it wasn’t necessarily laggy until later in the game, this includes scary lag pauses on the main menu. Nothing you do will stop the lagging. Luckily (if it makes you feel any better), I have experienced these lag issues alot in the base/vanilla game and have never experienced a single game crash. Of course, that didn’t make the lag pauses any less scary XD… The only other kind of lag that is apparent on the 360 also has to do with the particle effects, which were reduced in the next title because consoles couldn’t handle the particle effects as well as a good PC. But to answer your question, there is little to nothing you can do to stop Borderlands 1 on the PS3 from lagging in certain areas and points in the game, unfortunately. You’ll just have to deal with the lag as is.

I have the PS3 Borderlands 2, so what are you talking about? The only known lag I have witnessed is just before angel speaks to you (each and every time), theres a little pause for some reason. I haven’t experienced any other form of lag. It could be lack of storage on your PS3, but I don’t know. As for Borderlands 1 on PS3, refer to my other reply.

Wouldn’t the FPS drop because it has to load the textures of the area your in? After all, the areas in Borderlands 2 are far more open and vast more often than not compared to the first game. But it is the same with me, I haven’t had really any lag issues in Borderlands 2 on PS3, but Fast Travel does drop frames for a few seconds whilst loading the area you Fast Travelled to.