Ps3 online gaming ending

I recently heard from a Gamestop employee that Sony is ending their PS3 Online gaming Network.So basically that’s going to be the official end of Aliens Colonial Marines Multiplayer TDM…Thats fu#ck@ed up

I thought online play was discontinued in 2014?

No–TDM was still active a few months ago-I was playing getting blown up-I’m not for sure now–A guy at work said PS3 wasn’t ending their online gameplay.I will have to fire up TDM this weekend to see whats up

Heard from a Gamestop employee that Sony is ending their PS3 Online gaming?

What the PS3 - and other consoles from this generation - lacks is an online function for games. This technology, which was actually developed in the late 1990s by Sega with Gamepot’s Dreamcast console, allows users to play their favorite games against others located all over the world at any time- day or night. Unfortunately, unlike consoles of old like those made by Sega and Nintendo (to name just two), you cannot plug these new consoles into your home phone line so they will work uninterrupted while you’re on vacation.
Sony has not announced any plans to permanently retire the PS3, and there have been no reports to date of Gamestop employees predicting the shutdown.

Sony’s got been related to the SNAFU which can be described as a good deal of horror stories about hackers invading systems, deleting livelihoods, and then disabling xbox consoles with viruses. Not able to access PSN is some catastrophic issue - especially for those who come back from investing thousands on peripherals with Xbox consoles and Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE) Play Station 3.