PS3 player meet up

Just post your
What your looking to do
Level of characters
What days you may be able to play
If you have a mic
Age(only if you think it matters)

Psn: armandhammer37
Lvl:61 :frowning:
I can play about 3-4 days a week
Age: old enough
Im looking just to play amd have a good time on borderlands
I have a mic

general mobbing and raid bosses
op8 all characters (except krieg)
7days a week
have mic perfer not to use it but willing to turn it on
have all dlcs
age 23

General mobs and raid bosses, level characters
Various: level 20 up to op8
M-F 5-11pm est
no mic but could purchase one if the opportunity requires, haven’t had a need for it
no age preferrence however I’m 52 if it matters to anyone.

PSN: Jubamon
New playtrough with Zer0 after BL1 playtrough (could appreaciate applicants for that too).
I can play everyday at least an hour. Right now 4-8 pm +2 time on weekdays.
I got mic.

Just play
Yes i do have a mic

I guess I should add my stuff
Whatever you want/need to do
Op8,72, anywhere from 15-55
Can play most days some more than others
Have a mic but my voice is weird because of a speech problem will use it if needed

Senseifire146 i just wanna play borderlands 2 new playthrough please any one

either tonight or tomorow around 5 pm

PSN soccerfella101
Willing to do anything. Just play to have fun.
5 days a week
I have a mic
Age: 26

Im looking to platinum, BL1, BL2 and BL-Pre. Always willing to help when I can
Varied in each game
Play most days and various times
I do have a mic

Lvl 50 Commando
Willing to Farm/Trade
Play alot since i’m pretty new to the game
Have a Mic

Anythinf really, DLC/story run through, trading, helping
OP8 gunzerker, 72 axton+maya+zero, 15 maya
Schedule varies, PST usually from 7-11 on weekdays, varying weekend time
I have a mic
Age 26

Add me armandhammer37 and ill help you with some of the raid bosses or anything

I sent you the request

Looking to get a party of 4 commandos to raid with

Friday or Saturday
Targets Pete,hyperious, and terra
I can provide gear if needed

@tank1er and @soccerfella101 are you guys avabile door this?

when and what time?

You i am down Saturday


Friday or Saturday around 6 but I’m free for about 6-8 hours those days

Need weapons in op8
commando op8
Gunzerker 56
Siren 72
At the moment, I can play whenever, but starting new job soon.
I got that mic & a key pad attachment too.
23 yrs