PS3 Pre Sequel Systems Jammed Broken

Recently purchased Pre Sequel (Standard) and the mission to get into Concordia is just plain broke.

1st time I entered I got to the decontamination section the Nurse wouldn’t speak to continue the mission. Tried reloading numerous times, couldn’t leave area as it would go to load screen for next area but it would be just black.

Decided to uninstall patch and all data then reinstall fresh.

Just reached Concordia again and same thing has happened only this time with CU5TM-TP so can’t even get to where I was before.

Anyone else suffered this bug/brake? Totally clueless and can’t get any further forward in the game.

Never had either of those problems. Was it a brand new disk, digital download, or used copy of the game?

New retail copy. Disc is immaculate. Reloaded and ran back instead of starting mission. Killed first boss again, ran back and started the mission properly…till i reached the cell area before decontamination and it happened again. Gonna give it one more try see if this method works again and i can get thro this bit by bit and hope its just this mission.

update your game that mission isn’t broken its the 1st realese of the game that’s broken update game

he just plumed skiped update

It is fully updated. Latestt patch…first thing ot does when you put the disc in.

Never assume anything until you know whats what.

When you restart the game, does it try to re-download the update? There are actually three things the game will want to download: current title update (generally smallish), compatibility pack (large), and hotfix (very small). The second one shouldn’t affect base game at all, especially for a brand new character. You should see the comp. pack in the same folder as the saved game, along with an additional file called “Profile data”.

Edit to add: the security bot can be a bit flaky. Make sure you go right up to it after it’s finished beating up on the vending machine. I think the story trigger may be based on both time and location of the player character.


Just a quick note;

Put in a support ticket if you’ve not done so already! Two pronged attack against the issue.