Ps3 to it worth it?

Hello all. Well I keep getting left behind with my old ps3. My friends and my son all have upgraded to ps4. They keep telling me “hey when are you going to upgrade?”
Well my thing is why would I spend the money to upgrade when the games I play run fine on my ps3. I get people saying that the load times are faster and the graphics are better. Well my big question is…that true for borderlands 2? I.figure I’ll have to buy the system, then buy the game again. Then I have to start all over again. Is the performance any better to waste my time and money to upgrade? Is there a big difference running this game on ps4 than ps3? Did anything get added to the handsome collection that I don’t have? Idk…I’m on the fence about this. If there was added content to the game I might get serious but I can’t believe there is a big difference.

Can I hear from some of you old gens that went to new gen that played borderlands 2 on both and give me your pros and cons? Thanks

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honestly, you should probably just wait. the ps4 isnt really next gen, and has a very limited library.

I would say it is. XBox One recently got backwards compatability, so im guessing PS4 isnt far behind. If you get the handsome collection, you can get all DLC for cheap for both BL2 and TPS in one package, and import your PS3 saves to your new PS4. But if you can try to keep your PS3 just in case.

Didn’t know I could carry over to ps4. So the performance and graphics aren’t that much better then. Pretty much what I thought since the game was made for old gen in the first place.

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The performance is a pretty huge upgrade, the old gen is really old at this point and playing on the Handsome collection you have FOV slider now which is a huge deal, more frames, better resolution, and you can even do things that you could not before because of the better performance (chain reaction and b0re kills).


Its a huge upgrade. When i go back and try to play on 360 or ps3 i wonder how the hell i even played it for so long. It looks like a new game on ps4. It looks so much better and everything is more clear and vibrant. And it obviously runs so smooth. Ps4 is a big upgrade in general and offers alot of great games with more coming in the future. But definitely keep your ps3 if you can last gen has so many great games.

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Really, that’s nice to hear honestly, gj consoles.
GTA V had a FOV slider too so hopefully that can become the norm on consoles.
Idk it might be the norm, I haven’t touched a PS4 in a while.

Anyway on topic, if you want to play on console and have a reason to upgrade I’d say it’s a worthy investment.

I should also add we are at the point where new games are not coming out for the old gen, so if you don’t upgrade you can’t play the new games.

Ok, I don’t know what a slider is other than a small delicious burger. So the graphics are better with better resolution? Game runs smoother? And can I still use my ps3 characters and transfer to ps4? Hmmm, maybe I might start seriously looking into, but I’m a cheap SOB! Lol.

Thanks for opinions…I just might pull the trigger here in the next few weeks. Honestly, there are no new games that have peaked my interest. If borderlands 3 was coming out soon, there would be no question about it

I think it’s totally worth it. It has a lot of great games and better graphics than the ps4. Also the PS3 is getting a bit left out release wise.

From my view it totally worth it. I kinda liked it and having great fun playing.

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