PS3 to Xbone - What should I Do?

So, recently just got the handsome collection for Xbone and can’t transfer characters from PS3. Tired of campaign and don’t feel like leveling all my characters up again. What should I do?

You can’t transfer characters across platforms. Only Xbox 360 to Xbox One and PS3 to PS4. It’s probably because the saves aren’t stored in the same server for all platforms and/or Microsoft and Sony not wanting to play together. If you switched platforms when upgrading your console system, you’re screwed out of that feature. You have to start over. Yes, it sucks, but it is what it is. On the Xboxes is even worse, because you can’t even transfer the character back to the 360 after playing it on the One. It’s one way only.

Put the game aside and wait until you’re in the mood to play again. I started over on the PS4 from scratch and I play when the mood hits me while rebuilding all my characters. I’ve been doing this for a little over a year now. Don’t rush yourself and make it feel like a job.


I wouldn’t suggest this if you hadn’t played before, but you could have them power leveled (to 72, then OP 8 after starting UVHM), then burn through Normal and true Campaigns, farm for End game Gear from each play through at your leisure or not (your preference), then work on/finish UVHM

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In theory…and I think suggesting this might go against forum rules, but I’m just going to put it out there.

  1. Make a character of each of the same type on your XBone.
  2. Find save file editors for PS3 and XBone.
  3. Follow the directions to extract the save file from your PS3 saves.
  4. Follow directions to write your saves to the XBone saves.

Probably a bit more involved than my brief overview. I’ve never done it, but I’ve heard about people modding each of the systems.

I think you are SOL about your BA ranks, as those are profile specific, but you may be able to find something on some of the modding forums.

Is BAR tied to the save or the Shift account?
I lost my 360 saves but started on Xbone with a big chunk of BAR

I thought I saw something about bonus BAR being part of THC but a quick search of the Googles dos t turn anything up

this, but was of the thought that that was if you transferred your saves from 360 to xbox 1 (could be wrong)


Maybe I just got the bonus from having all the BLs in my acct history

I did a quick search and found a place called seven sins that seems to do a lot of modding, but what I found was BAR (and golden keys, skins and heads) is tied to your PROFILE save, and everything else is your CHARACTER save.

It will also get your console banned.

shrug as I said, I never did it, I don’t know if you will get banned.

Though privately I suspect not. I used to bring in this modder to help me level or do hard runs. He was OP8 (and had some mod that made him one shot ANYTHING). At one point he let slip that he never saw the Warrior before. If he can get away with that I’d assume that the OP can get away with something much less intense.

Though I guess there is always a chance of banishment…

BAR, trophies/achievements, all the character/vehicle customizations you have unlocked and any items you have inside Claptrap’s stash are stored within your profile. Basically, anything that you can access through multiple characters isn’t stored within the character save. If you transfer your save through non-official means, you lose all of that. That stuff is kinda buggy to transfer even through the official save transfer system, but at least through official means you can get it all back if you contact Gearbox. If you convert your save, you can’t get it back.