PS3 vs PS4 Saving times

I bought the presequel for the PS3 initially. My wife and I played the previous games religiously. After about an hour of play, she refused to play. Here’s why: whenever you wanted to travel to the next map it wouldn’t instantly start the countdown. You had to wait ten seconds for player one to save, then ten seconds for player two to save then it would start the 4 second countdown. First world problem yeah but you don’t have that issue with the XBOX360. It immediately goes into the 4 second countdown as soon as you hit the travel button.

So this leads to my question: If you are playing couch co-op, does it still make each player save and take forever or does it start the countdown as soon as you hit the button?

thanks guys.

My husband and I also hated this about PS3. I’m happy to announce that the save times are SO much quicker! I think you and your wife will be pleased.