Ps4 1st playthrough bug

I made of the mistake of taking to reddit on this first, but I wanted to know if anyone else had encountered leveling issues in the game.
I’m doing a local co-OP and while I know this shouldn’t be occurring it is; the enemies are scaling up beyond the mission and character level. I’ve first noticed this in killing bonehead and getting tannis’ recordings. Bonehead started at level 9 when I was lvl 7 so we left to put on 2 lvls. We came back at lvl 9 and he was somehow lvl 12 as well as all the enemies around him.This same thing occurred with the collection of the recordings, when we got to the last one and the enemies were lvl 15 so we left to put on lvls and when we came back they were 18-19 and killing us instantly. Upon trying other missions they were all doing the same, mission lvl said we were right on track, but everything was 3-5 lvls ahead. We level up, so did they.
The unhelpful folk of reddit told me this is impossible and I was wrong, but this is happening and making it to where I can’t progress because the baddies are scaling up.
I don’t know how to fix this, and we can’t get past any of these missions due to this bug. All other enemies in the badlands have stayed where they should, but those tied to missions are moving up beyond what they’re suppose to.

Has anyone else encountered this and if you have did you find a fix?? Thanks.

That is indeed very weird. Have you just been doing main story stuff - you didn’t start any DLC? And you are all in PT.1?

Literally just started the very first playthrough, no DLC. We’ve only gotten as far as lvl13. It’s insane how we can’t process when we’ve only just started this one.
It’s peculiar that it’s only the mission related enemies too.

Just to be sure, I took my level 20 siren back to Firestone and took out Bone Head (again) - level 12 with level 10 adds.

Honestly, unless some really freak glitch happened when one of you started the game (like the host somehow selecting play-through 2) there doesn’t seem to be any way for what you describe to be happening. Was everyone playing a brand new character from scratch, or was one or more an imported save?

If it were me, I would delete the saves, maybe even reinstall the game, and start over from scratch.

It has to be a freak glitch, I went back to each mission area with open quests on single player and the enemies in one section (tannis’ echos) was up to 19-20lvl. I’ll be deleting everything, starting over fresh after reinstalling and hoping for the best.
I cannot grasp how this has happened since neither of us have even uploaded characters and we don’t even have the option for pt2. I know one off things like this are few and far between. But it has been baffling and aggravating with how much I played this game years ago only to have it occur when starting the re release.