[PS4] 5v5 tournament! Need Teams! Solo Players!

Running a Battleborn 5v5 Tournament on Saturday 21st, 5pm EST.
In need of a few teams and solo players to fill in spots!

Mode: Single Elimination on Overgrowth
Rules: No Legendary gear, no Marquis cheese!

Come on in and have some fun!
Leave a post or PM me if you are solo or team!

Now that you have a date and time I’ll finalise a team, we’re from several different timezones and I myself am GMT+8 so we need to make sure everyone is available.

Sounds like fun, count me in. PSN ID is Asweepay, solo.

Hey I’m free as solo player but might be on a team still don’t know also are there tryouts and practice with a team if solo players are put on a team

I’ll be putting solo people on teams the day before to allow practice and such.
Psn ID?


Still plenty of time to sign up your team or yourself! Get your friends in too, even if you aren’t agroup of 5 I don’t care! I’ll fill spots!

I can bring a team of 5.

Psn-. S_O_D_cd

This was for last month. It’d be nice to see this revived though.

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