[PS4] A couple bugs

I played the open beta a lot (I got up to level 46 I think). I came across a few bugs during that time. I captured the gameplay, trimmed it a bit and uploaded it onto dropbox.

The first bug was during the first story mission, while playing as Benedict, I came across a bug during the ice boss, what happened was, I used the ultimate and while I was bringing up the weapon, I died and once I respawned, I was stuck with the ultimate gun but couldn’t do anything. I could move and double jump and that’s literally it. I couldn’t glide, use the actual ultimate, use any skills, melee or anything else, however I found out that respawning fixed it, when I forced the enemies to kill me again in the gameplay. Gameplay - https://www.dropbox.com/s/yxur5wv6hogl547/2.mp4?dl=0

The other two bugs were in multiplayer. In the first multiplayer bug, I spawned under the map, I did nothing differently than every game, I didn’t even touch my controller when spawning in, I just spawned underneath the map. I could move the camera and that’s about it, I couldn’t move, jump, melee, I tried using my abilities but they didn’t work. I left the match and then rejoined and that fixed it. Gameplay - https://www.dropbox.com/s/vh7xozwxpnsnjbk/1.mp4?dl=0

The final bug was minor. From the gameplay, you can see that three out of five players (including me) picked a character, one did not, and the other disconnected. When the time timer was up, and the screen where you can see each team’s heroes popped up, only two heroes were shown on my team (the two people that chose a hero, I didn’t show up even though I picked a hero and neither did the other player, even though we both spawned into the match afterwards). Gameplay - https://www.dropbox.com/s/owlpgn7apof2ise/Battleborn%20Open%20Beta_20160411221522.mp4?dl=0