PS4 accepting all unwanted Trevonators

Looking specifically for Rad/Cryo or Rad/Corrodo w 125% Incendiary next 2 magazine annointment or 28 seconds splash, but accepting any all.

I have BOS items I can gift in return! Thankee!

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Did you get any takers? Wonder if the discord might be a better place to request gear?

Nope, not yet I don’t think. I haven’t been online to check but have received no notifications.

Just found a shock/burn with consecutive hit annointment. Would you want it? Happy to ship it your way.

I sure do thanks!

Sent :grinning:

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Thanks my friend! I’m collecting Trevonators. Gunna see how many I can get across characters.

It’s gotta be one of my favorite weapons.

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We have an amazing community, thanks for doing this for a fellow Borderlander!!!

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