PS4 Add-ons for Alien Isolation?

Lastnight I bought the season pass for Alien Isolation for PS4–It says that all 5 add-ons are installed but when I hit the start game…It only shows “Last Survivor” and “Crew Expendable” …Ive had those since I bought the game back in June…I thought once they were installed-i would see them in the drop box when i hit start?How do I get access to play the 5 other Add-Ons??:rage:

ok–kinda not sure…i think the Add-ons may be there already but im not sure…I checked YouTube–When you hit the drop down box–it says Alien Isolation–Last Survivor-Crew Expendable-and then Survivor Mode.–When I choose the Survivor mode–it takes me to a screen that says"Basement"…above that it says"select set"–Are the 5 Add ons that I bought under that “Select set” screen??If so–how do I choose the other Add-ons like “Trauma” and “Corporate Lockdown”–theres like 3 more…It only lets me play the “Basement” one…Confused as Hell–Some1 please let me know

Got it figured out…Called the Playstation phone support…The guy was very helpful–He had me do some “ReBuild” step from the PS4 settings menu…After we “Rebuilt” it…All the add-ons were there…About to start playing them soon

Do you enjoy the extra Survivor modes? I played the included one and some of Corporate Lockdown, but I just didn’t find them fun. Only a modicum of storytelling and no map, so you’re just stumbling and searching. I ended up watching YouTube playthroughs for the rest of them.

I played most of the quick ones…They were just average fun…The original campaign game is insane fun tho…I bought Alien Isolation on PS4 in June 2016 and I think my Alien Isolation Replay time is starting to wind down now tho…8 months of Replay value so far–I still play Hide and Seek once in awhile on a few of my favorite Missions…But I can tell its winding down-My Replay Time with ACM has been a solid 4 years…I have never gotten tired of playing ACM campaign.I don’t play as much as I used to…but I still play it :acmbugstomper: