(PS4) Algorithm mission Bugs and other things

Here’s what I’ve notcied

Henchman will sometimes warp off map upon killing him and the door will not open
*Geoff(Aracniss) will sometimes glitch out if damaged to fast early in the fight

*The ISIC boss fight he will sometimes go lop sided or be off the ground all together preventing characters like Rath to aim high up when attacking.

*ISIC hugs the wall nearly going out of bounds

*ISIC 2nd Phase can push you out the map with out giving your allies a chance to revive you

*Very difficult to attack him in 2nd phase as a melee character when he’s targeting said player

*When Rath jumps,gets hit or falls from a high place his the bottom of his outfit blocks the screen and prevents players from getting a good view of what’s below them.

*After beating the 3 rd boss the room sometimes will not clear and players will not be able to proceed.

That’s all i can think off at the moment it’s just these things that can be a slight annoyance to certain players. I’ve always won on teams but doing it solo as Rath or Shayne & Aurox or even Phobe can be a slight annoyance with all the chasing and the threath of being knocked out the stage by ISIC bumping players so high they go through the roof. Tell me what you think and what can be fixed or left the way it is.

Something I found on PS4 during Isic battle, split screen for sure, is when playing as Marquis. When you get knocked into the air his pistol flickers and or disappears until you come back down.

Thanks for letting me know. I had no idea that happens.