PS4 Anointed Linc?

With the new patch/hotfix making it possible, Has anyone seen an anointed linc on ps4 yet? I’ve seen 7 or 8 drop on mayhem 10 now, but not a single one had an anointment. Is it bugged, or am I just super unlucky?

Would be bugged - as m10 is supposedly guaranteed to be anointed drops (with hotfixes applied)

That’s what I figured, but thought I’d check here to see if anyone had seen one. There’s every chance its just my system having issues, and the hotfix is working for others!

Same problem here, I`ve not found one that is anointed yet. PS4.

Thanks, I submitted a bug report. Hopefully they’ll get it squared away!

As of today it still is NOT dropping with anointments. What’s the deal gearbox?